5 ways the Internet Of Things is redesigning the Marketing facet

The IoT and marketing share an enigmatic bond – both have their foundation in the user behavior. Every device we touch and platform we access will eventually become a marketing stage with promotional content specific to a customer’s preference being reverted.
The Internet of Things has an impressive footprint and marketing is unlatching the most out of it. Here’s how IoT is revolutionizing the way enterprises are approaching a potential customer.

Social Media ids have become important, more than ever before

Converging Social Media and IoT will enhance the worth of a user’s social id to interact with devices. The ardent need to connect and respond to a customer instantly is storming the marketing lanes. What could be more customer pulling than a brand allowing tweets to operate a vending machine?

A brand using Social channels to engage with customers is no more exciting unless it utilizes the channel to reach targeted prospects and convert leads. When the devices share updated details about us, marketers get to discharge exclusive campaigns for every customer on their social accounts.

Traditional Advertising has almost died

If digitalized posters and banners excite you, check this – most IoT channels will not process such tactics of randomly showing up anywhere. With pristine inclination towards consumer behavior and not customer availability, the ongoing practices of shouting out loud to millions of people and expect any thousand to revert, will no longer work. Popup will become more irritating and banners will just glamorize the message without any tactical significance.

Targeted Marketing will upscale to next level

Smart devices are designed to share accurate data. Assured by uninterrupted network backing, smart sensing generates real time data and let the marketers focus on relevant potential leads only. The consumer’s interests, habits and past record will attract more relatable ads.

This means a customer preferring smartphones will not see ads of cars. This was long needed as targeted marketing helps steer resources towards the most responsive leads.
Personalized Data will improve Enterprise Decision Making

Marketers will benefit the most out of personalized data streaming across the IoT channel. When innovation done right, location technology solutions can educate a marketer about a customer visiting a brand’s / product’s shelve in a store but not making a purchase. Accordingly, the team can send out an offer making a purchase with certain perks and discounts.
Such personalization of data could be a boon for improving marketing strategies and execute better decisions.

Customer Analytics will become more accurate.

Today’s CRM tools produce analytical insights based upon the customer data we have fed them with. Since the accuracy is at stake unless we update the CRM, marketing suffers a step back. IoT can potentially eliminate this gap between updates and thus stream actionable results.

This could be a revolutionary move towards understanding a customer’s perception of the product more efficiently – does a customer likes or not a product / service, his preferences over your offerings and many more.
Smarter data will mature your marketing’s outlook.

Marketing strategies have to act in accordance with customer expectations. On Demand is the key to achieve customer convenience and IoT does exactly that. Enterprises have to rethink their product marketing, address real time demands and commit promises to deliver.


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