Essay on Abortion – Pros & Cons of Abortion

Abortion is one of the most contentious topics in today’s world. Scientifically speaking, it is the procedure that entails the clearing out of the fetus from the womb. Now, abortions are not always undertaken by humans on purpose, since in certain unfortunate cases, the fetus gets aborted naturally owing to certain illnesses or external influences. 

Pros cons of Abortion

Pros cons of Abortion

The main bone of contention is, of course, regarding the medical procedure that results in an abortion. The principal argument against abortions is, of course, that it takes away one of the most fundamental rights that a human being possesses: the right to life.

That brings us to one of the most pressing questions of today’s world: can a fetus be cindered, technically and ethically, a human being? In this article, let us take an objective look at the issue and weigh the pros and cons of this sensitive topic.

Pro-choice: In Support of Abortions

To begin with, let us look at why pro-choicers so strongly support abortions.

Irreversible Medical Complications

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, it is now possible to diagnose congenital diseases in an unborn child, often during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Sometimes, due to multiple reasons, it becomes clear that the baby that will be born will have a very little and painful time on this earth, or that the time it will have will be incredibly traumatic. Learning that your baby will be born unhealthy and in pain is soul-crushing in itself; however, nothing matches the pain of having to see your child suffer uncomprehendingly through an illness that cannot be cured.

The situation is burdensome in all ways; financial resources are drained as the parents try their best to do the impossible, and the emotional trauma of watching your child suffer is indescribable.  An abortion post early detection of the illness is the most merciful way out for both the child and the parents.

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Poor quality of life

Life is not about quantity, but about quality. The parent(s) is the best judge of whether they would e able to give their child the quality of life that he or she deserves. A single mother might not be in the best position to fulfill the basic necessities of a child- both financially and emotionally, and it is better to not bring the child to the world instead of subjecting it to a lifetime of negligence and unfulfillment.

Of course, there is always the option of giving up the child for adoption, but that privilege varies in accordance to the nation and society you belong to.

Forced pregnancies

While one must agree that the life growing inside you is innocent and harmless, emotional attachment is not mandatory. When a rape victim falls pregnant, it is inhuman to force her to carry to term the child that will always remind her of her trauma and humiliation; it can be safely deduced that she will never grow to love and care for the child.

Having to mother a child that is a result of pain and non-consent is traumatic for the woman, and equally traumatic for a child that has to live in a home where even the mother lacks attachment.

Pro-life: Denouncing abortions

All said and done, there are some very potent reasons why so many speak up against abortions.

Taking away life

To begin with, an abortion looks, on the face it, indistinguishable from murder. By terminating your pregnancy, you are terminating a life, a child who would have grown up to have a very meaningful life with possibly positive contributions to the world. A story is nipped in the bud every time a fetus is taken from the womb.

This is a lot like playing a very cruel god that creates and destroys at will. This seems especially true when there are a lot of contraceptive options available.

Unhealthy side effects

An abortion can result in multiple health complications. There are horrific reports of botched abortions that have led to infections and the onset of long term illnesses. Besides, one of the scariest side effects of abortions is the possibility of ever being able to get pregnant again. And let us now forget the most terrible thing about abortions; you are likely to be haunted for life by the mist unpleasant memories and terrible guilt.

Abortion is a very controversial topic, and the debate surrounding it will probably rage on for many years to come. It is virtually impossible to reach a definite verdict about the issue; in some cases, it is completely justifiable, while it cannot be condoned if someone gets an abortion simply because they don’t feel like having a baby. 

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