Effects of AC on Environment, Health and Global Warming – Air Conditioners Effects

Air conditioners, The machine used to cool down the temperature level or removing heat and moisture from a particular area is known as the air conditioner or AC. It is used in domestic as well as commercial level differently. The main purpose of AC is to comfort the interior environment for humans and even animals also. It is used in some machines which produce a lot of heat. It finds its applications from a car to a small room also to massive halls and industries. AC is basically of two types – split and windows.

Effects of AC on Environment, Health and Global Warming

Effects of AC on Environment, Health and Global Warming


AC was invented, and first time used in 1902 by Willis Carrier in New York. It was 1906 when AC was used in an industry which required to add moisture in the air for the textile mill since then onwards textile industries started using AC. In 1914, the first time an AC was fitted in a private home, who would have dreamt that one day it will become a basic necessity on modern homes.

The first portable AC was made in 1945 by Robert Sherman. The AC’s used many toxic and highly flammable gases in the beginning such as ammonia, methyl chloride or propane which can cause hazards when gets leaked. first non-toxic and non-flammable gas based AC was made in 1928 which used CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) as the refrigerant, it was named Freon. But the CFC used in AC caused a depletion in the ozone layer that why it was completely banned across the globe in 1995. CFC was replaced by HCFC which was safe for the environment.

Effects on Humans:

Besides it makes our life more comfortable, it also has many adverse effects on our life. One of the main effects is the change which our body is not able to adapt so quickly which causes shivering. Working in over-conditioned areas makes our body vulnerable to many chronic diseases and headache etc which can damage our nervous system also. It also makes our body more sensitive that our body can’t tolerate hot anymore which can result in death during heat waves.

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AC can give birth to many breathing problems also as circulate Airborne diseases like Legionnaire which causes high fever and pneumonia. It also makes our skin dry as it takes the moisture away. One of the adverse effects is that it also affects our chronic illness, it makes us more vulnerable to the diseases which are lifelong.

Effects on Environment:

AC has many adverse effects on the environment also. As mentioned earlier that CFC created depletion in the ozone layer so it was replaced by HCFC but however these gases are also greenhouse gases which lead to global warming. Million of tons of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere due to AC. It has been predicted by the scientists that if this continues to happen, the earth will become so hot that even AC’s will not be able to control the temperature of the earth.


Everything on this planet has pro’s and con’s but it is up to our level of thinking how we use our resources. Though Ac’s are now a basic requirement but we have to use it carefully and wisely so that it does not have any adverse effect on the planet as well as on humans. Many organizations are finding alternatives for Ac’s as in future even it will not be enough to control the temperature, one of the major steps is HFO but that is still in process as it is quite complicated and is not so economical. The only thing which is in our hand is to use it wisely and wait for its alternative.

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