Essay On Albert Einstein – Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists in the history of mankind. He gave the world the most famous theory of Relativity that is E=MC(square). His works in the field of philosophy of science are tremendous and have an indelible effect in the field of science.

The main thing that made the Einstein work was that he was not satisfied with the results of Newton in the field of classical concepts. He thought that the interpretation given by Newton was not sufficient in the theoretical aspect. This lead him to work and rest is history.

Essay On Albert Einstein

Essay On Albert Einstein


Personal Life: Essay on Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1878 in Ulm, under the kingdom of German Empire. His father Hermann Einstein was a salesman and his mother Pauline Koch was an engineer. Albert’s father and uncle Jakob founded a company that manufactured electrical equipment based on direct current. Einstein’s didn’t bother about the matter of Jews much.

He attended the Catholics school at the age of 5, but later shifted to the school of Gymnasium at the age of 6. At the age of 16, He gave an entrance exam in Swiss Federal Polytechnic but was not up to the mark of their standards, However, he scored exceptionally well in Physics and Mathematics. So on the advice of the principal of the institute, He completed his secondary education first.

At the age of 17, he got indulged in a 4-year Mathematics and Physics diploma. Albert married Maric in January 1903 and they had their first in 1904. However, the marriage didn’t last long enough and they got divorced on 14 Feb 1919. The reason behind the divorce was that Albert was highly attracted towards his cousin Elsa. This got proved when Albert married Elsa the same year after living with her since 1912. In 1933, the couple migrated to the US. The bad luck struck Albert when his wife died in 1936 due to heart and kidney problems which were diagnosed just a year ago.

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Scientific Life:

Who can forget the numerous achievements that Albert achieved in the field of science? He published more than 300 scientific and 150 non-scientific papers, a record by any. It all started back in 1901 when he published a scientific paper on capillary attraction which laid the foundation of Brownian Motion. Then he didn’t look behind and published a series of papers. In 1905, he published 4 papers in Annus Mirabilis, on the Photoelectric Effect and gave birth to E=MC(square).

The same year, He published a paper on photons and quanta which were later ideally accepted in 1919. In 1907, he published on the model of matter (quantized atomic vibration).In the era of 1910-1913, he published papers on adiabatic principle and zero-point energy. In 1926, The world accepted his theory of Wave-particle theory. And still, there are numerous theories still in this list that are yet to be discussed.


It was the year 1955 when he suffered from internal bleeding. The doctors advised him to have a surgery but he refused as he doesn’t wanna live an artificial life. And lastly, in Princeton hospital, he had his last breath. His works will always be remembered whenever there will be any discussion on the science subject. Hope this essay on Albert Einstein will give you sufficient information about his works and his life.

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