Famous Temple In Cambodia-Angkor Wat

 World is rich in historical monuments and places. These Monuments build in memory of many famous kings and emprors. Some other places are build in ancient history which refers to some specific civilisations. One of them is Angkor Wat.

Location And History Of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is located in South East Asia and was built by King Suryavarman II in the north of Siem Reap,Cambodia. this site is visited most by the tourists in the  world. It is  in capital, Yasodharapura of khmer empire ,Built in memory of Lord Vishnu.It was built in early 12th century.

Famous Temple In Cambodia-Angkor Wat

Typically it is a temple but earlier at the time of King it was considered as a tomb.Most of the temples in this region faces east except Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat faces west due to some reasons-

Some thought that it faces west because according to Hindu Rituals,east is a sign of death.Others thought,Lord Vishnu is taken as Supreme deity in all among Hinduism therefore,other souls faces east and Lord Vishnu face west.
But this west facing view of temple at sunset looks GREAT indeed!!

What Three Tiers Reveal-

There is a three row gallery in the temple which shows Spirituality of the King and the three tiers represents to Lord Brahma, the moon, and Vishnu.

Some facts and specialties of Angkor Wat-

  • It is one of the largest temple of the world.
  • Temple itself considered as a full city,because it has lot of things(library,moats,schools etc.) other than spirituality and temple.
  • This is considered as the soul of the khmer people.
  • Bricks in the Temple were bonded together by a vegetable adhesive instead of mortar uses in most the buildings.
  • Angkor Wat typically became famous in the mid of 19th century because a french Explorer and Naturalist,Henri Mouhot by his book Travel in Cambodia during 1859.He also wrote many other books as he was an explorer.
    He was mainly known for “Angkor Wat” as he rescued the Angkor Wat from destruction by the west people.
  • Temple was shifted from HINDUISM TO BUDDHISM by the late 13th Century and still today it is worshiped by BUDDHISTS.
  • Also it’s Structure traced on some of the combadian currency,REIL
  • Only two Countries have Famous Buildings of it’s Nation On Flag,One of Which Is Cambodia.It has Angkor Wat building on its flag and the other country is Afghanisthan.
  • Once in early days,Wall of Angkor Wat was considered in TEMPLE that was of 203 acres but now has been destroyed.
  • In 1992, UNESCO declared it as World Heritage Site.
  • It has very attractive walls,which reveals origin of temple i.e.this was initially Hindu Temple.
  • Along with Angkor Wat, there are two more places which are equally worshiped by people – Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple.
  • Upto 16th Century it was known by the name- Pisnulok ,after that it is being denoted by the present name.
  • ANGKOR WAT Represents most beautifully the Khmer Civilization.


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