Essay on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When it comes to artificial intelligence, we often think about those Terminator-like robots who can bring doomsday to the earth. It’s also seen as a promoter of unemployment, thanks to its capability of increasing automation. Thanks to this negative approach towards AI, its development is almost always viewed with skepticism.

However, what most people don’t even realize is the fact that AI is already affecting our lives every day. In fact, it has become such an important part of our lives that many of modern day technologies can’t even survive without it. You may not believe it, but in this essay, we’ll take a look at several applications of AI that influence our lives every day. Let’s begin:

Essay on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Essay on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI in Virtual Assistants

The popular modern virtual assistants – namely Google Now, Siri and Cortana – are all based heavily on artificial intelligence. They rely on AI for almost all aspects of their functionality. Understanding your voice, what are you asking them to do and then giving you what you want is no easy job.

It happens only after a system is trained with years of data with help of machine learning technology. Plus, each of these assistants also keeps learning from our habits continuously, which once again is based on machine learning, a subcategory of AI.

AI in Finance and Banks

AI also plays a major role in fraud detection for banks and other non-banking financial companies. For instance, if you’re a credit card holder sometimes you might’ve received an email/SMS from your card company asking you whether you did a particular transaction or not. These types of emails are sent only when AI-based systems of these companies detect that any particular transaction might not have been done by the owner of card.

AI in Medical Science

AI has found several use cases in medical science as well. For instance, it’s used to create virtual healthcare assistants, in analytics and in research. Healthcare bots have also been developed with help of AI to provide customer support, schedule hospital appointments and provide 24/7 assistant in case of any needs.

AI in Air Transport

Air transport is one of the most systematic means of transport in the world, and that is largely because of artificial intelligence. In fact, AI is critical for the streamlined operation of modern airlines. Almost all air traffic control activity relies on AI. A machine found in airplanes that control many of its functions also relies on AI. AI in Video Games Artificial intelligence is being used in video games since a long time.

Since the days of very first PC based video games actually. However, its role in gaming has increased significantly over the course of last few years. Ever imagined how other characters and elements that play against you decide their moves? The answer lies in artificial intelligence. Moreover, today there’re games in which your character learns from your behavior, responds to your stimulation and even reacts in unpredictable ways – all because of AI.

Smart Home Appliances

The entire trend of smart home appliances is based on artificial intelligence. That smart the speaker in your home, smart thermostat, the lighting that adjusts according to the environment and other smart home appliances like smart fridge, smart TV and smart home monitoring camera all make heavy use of artificial intelligence for their functionality.


Artificial Intelligence has come to become a very important part of our lives. It influences many aspects of our lives every day without even we come to know about it. Right from that smartphone in our pocket to airplanes in the sky, AI is everywhere. Many of the modern world facilities that we now take for granted can’t even function without AI. It’s not limited to doomsday bringing robots alone, so its development should certainly not be seen from that particular lens alone. The research and development of AI should continue for the betterment of our societies.

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