Positive & Negative Effects of Social Media Essay

Positive and Negative Impacts of the Media

The media is the fourth estate, the most influential institution in our lives.  The media is our source of information from distant parts of the world. Starting from the print editions as the primary form of media, it has now expanded to electronic, television, radio, and digital.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

Today, the reach of the media is undeniable in not jut providing information, but also forming opinions and making judgments regarding practically everything that is happening on planet Earth and even beyond.

We would never know what is happening in the International Space Station if it had not been for the media constantly keeping us updated. However, like everything else, the media has done its share of ills to the world as well. In this article, we will look at both the bad and the good of the media.

Positive Effects

First, we will look at the positive influences of the media.

Keeps us Updated

Had it not been for the media, we would be living a very sheltered and uninformed life, knowing and believing nothing other than what we could see happening immediately around us. The media opens our eyes and ears to the vastness of the world.

we come to know of political situations and peoples’ strife in distant parts of the globe.  The media helps us to see what is happening around the world, and in the process makes us more aware of our situation in perspective.

Platform for Opinions

The media forms a platform for voicing our opinions. Today, the news is just not about proving a series of facts and figures; it is just as much about inviting comments from the viewers. several talk shows and discussion forums in mainstream media people viewers to actively participate and raise their concerns regarding the issues that are plaguing modern society.

Today, we can speak up and tell those who matte exactly what we think about the policymakers and the policies that they make. Through the media, the common people and voter- the community that matters the most in a nation- can find a voice.

Helps In Making Judgments

The media helps considerably in shaping the opinions of the people. Journalism is a field of the media that actively dissects an issue and discusses its impacts and causes. For Instance, a news report on the 351st rape case in a city will detail what happened and keep it at that; a journalist.

on the other hand, will draw attention to the fact that rape is becoming increasingly common, the causes of the same, and the steps that need to be taken to counter this social evil. This way, a journalist will help people become more aware and shape their own opinions on an issue.

Solves Crime

Investigative journalism is a branch of the media that attempts to uncover new information on an issue. Instead of simply reporting on the available facts, an investigative journalist attempts to look into the matter and tries to find out details that are not otherwise visible. In this way, investigative journalism helps to solve crimes and reveal corruption.

Expedites Aid

The media reports on all things that are happening around the world, including catastrophic events like war and natural calamities. Thanks to live reporting and the social media, we can take steps fast to do put bit to help those in need. When the disastrous Nepal earthquake struck in 2015, aid reached in a matter of hours. Such speedy reporting helps in expediting the rescue and rehabilitation process so that things can return to normal as soon as possible.

Brings Change

The media is a great proponent of change. When the media reports similar social issues in a region, it propels the need for a change in structure and the legal system. For instance, the media recently highlighted the repetitive and rampant nature of domestic abuse happening in India.

These news reports were constantly shared on social media, with the common people speaking up against the occurrences. The entertainment industry pitched in by making movies on domestic violence. These combined created huge public pressure on the government, and after a while, a new bill was passed that warned abusers of immediate imprisonment in case of a report being filed.

Negative Effects

All said and done, the media also has its own fair share of drawbacks.

Biased media

The media is very influential, and all of us have to rely solely on the media to know what is happening. The media can be highly biased, and there is even greater chance of this happening with a number of media sources present that subscribe to different philosophies.

Although it is the job of the media to play a non-partisan role, this, unfortunately, does not always happen, and we do keep coming across reports that are certainly very judgmental. Reports of the media attempting to cover up corruption and being bought by certain political factors are not uncommon either.  This severely hampers the distribution of correct and authentic news among the public, instead of rooting incredulity and encouraging poor judgment.

False Expectations

The entertainment industry forms a huge part of the media, and this can have serious ill effects on youngsters. The glamour and glory highlighted by the entertainment industry play a huge role in creating false and often unrealistic expectations in young minds. Stories of young people running away from home or dropping out from school in order to pursue a career in tinsel town are not uncommon at all.

What these people do not realize is that a lot of struggle is involved in this process and that all that struggle don’t always come to fruition. The entertainment industry’s tendency to sugarcoat stark reality by romanticizing struggle and despair is often responsible for this attitude.

Body Image Issues

The media is also responsible for creating unrealistic expectations among people. Body image issues, for instance, are rampant among the young and not-so-young alike. The media’s obsession with thinness leads to severe psychological issues that cause considerable, and often irreversible, physical harm to people.

The media is one of the most powerful institutions of modern society. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, and it is important for the media to monitor its activities.It is also important for the common people to be adequately educated in the good and the bad of the media and know which sources to trust.


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