Essay on Mother: The Role Played by Mothers

Essay on Mother – Mother Day Essay

The very first word that we learn to speak is Mom. Some of us say Mom, some say Ma, and some say Mama. Like the proverbial Shakespearean rose, the name does not matter at all, what matters is the person who is being called.

Essay on Mother - Mother day Essay

Essay on Mother – Mother day Essay

The first person we most closely know in those early few days and months of our lives is the mother, who stays around us like an umbrella from the day we are born, and till the day she moves on to a better world. In this essay, we will look at the influence the mother has on our lives.

Importance of the Mother

The mother is the ubiquitous figure in the household. In fact, that is not simply relevant to the birth mother or the foster mother, but to the mother figure that takes care of the entire family. The role of the mother in a family cannot be undermined.

Development of the Child

The mother is the person responsible for not just brining the child into this world, but also for ensuring the wholesome development of the child. She is the one that has the maximum influence on the child since she is the one the child spends the maximum time with. While the role of the father is extremely important as well, it is the mother who mingles and associates with the child most intimately, right from the first breastfeeding to the final wave of the hand as the child goes away to college.

Instilling of Values

The influence of the mother on the emotional well being of the child is great. The mother instills the first values in the child, and provides support and guidance in their formative years. The mother is responsible for making sure that the child grows up to be  a well rounded individual, compete with the important values and principles that will enable them to get ahead in life with their head held high.

The mother guides the child through the first fights at school, teaching them to stand up for themselves while not being unnecessarily violent. A very clear example of the mother’s influence on a child can be seen through opposition: a person who grows up to be of an unhealthy psychological disposition is often seen to have a childhood bereft of the love and care of a mother.

Mothers among Animals

The importance of the mother is not just limited to the lives of us humans. Even in the animal world, the mother plays a fiercely protective role; in fact, it is often her that acts as the primary caregiver and producer of food for the young. She is the one who makes sure that her children are well fed, she protects her children from enemies, and instances are not rare of a mother animal giving her life to protect her children.

Unnatural Mother-child Relationships

It is strange, therefore, when we see that the relationship between the mother and the child has been straitened beyond repair. Examples such as these are strewn all around us, of people whose mothers were abusive, of people who were completely neglected by their mothers, and of people who completely neglected their mothers when they grew up. Such instances seem extremely unnatural to us primarily because we associate mothers with love and care, as she is the primary caregiver we have known our entire lives.

Calling Mother- Beyond Humanity

Perhaps this is the reason that the most caring and expansive of non-human entities are referred to as the mother. We have Mother Nature that provides us with a generous bounty. Mother Earth sustains us and gives us a place to live in. Our countries are, in most cases, motherlands, because this is where we are born and this is what helps us grow and evolve. The nomenclature is apt, because the word mother evokes images of tenderness and provisions that we associate with the mother.

In Conclusion

The void left by the mother in our lives is something that cannot be filled. It does not matter how old we become, or how young we are, there is a dependence and trust inherent in the relationship that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

We learn to walk with the help of the loving hand that guides us through our very first tottering steps, and we learn to speak by looking up at her as she painstakingly teaches us each word. No one is as happy as she is when we make certain achievements, and no one is as concerned as her in the most minor of our setbacks. The mother is to be cherished throughout her life; the gap she leaves cannot be filled.

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