Essay on Adolf Hitler- Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler was a German politician, Who was the leader of Nazi party. Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany, Under his dictatorship, Germany entered the World War 2. Hitler is known as the cruelest Dictator of all time. He Killed almost all the Jews people that lived in Germany at that time. Besides being a killer, He was a very good speaker or orator, It was said that he could change the thinking of people just by speaking few lines. His actions and Destruction had effects on the world even after 50 years of his death.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Birth and Early Life:

Hitler was born on 2oth of April 1889 in a small town in Austria. He was fourth out of six children in his family. His father, Alis Hitler was a customs officer while his mother, Klara Polzi was a peasant girl. Hitler studied in elementary school for 4 years and entered the secondary school at the age of 11.

Hitler had interest in fine arts but his father had different views regarding him, which gave birth to conflicts in the family often. When Hitler was 16 years old, His father died, so after his father’s death, He went to Linz to accomplish his dreams. In fact, He was rejected twice by the fine arts school but he thought that teachers were fool who didn’t recognize the talent of Hitler.


World War 1:

World War 1 proved to be the golden opportunity for Hitler to get rid of his frustrating childhood. He accepted the opportunity with both hands and proved to be a brave soldier as he was wounded twice. Unfortunately, Germany was defeated in World War 1, They believed that they were not defeated by Great Britain or the USA, They were stabbed by the Jewish citizens, This developed the feeling of hatred towards the Jews in the heart of Hitler.

After the war was over, Hitler was once again unemployed. Hitler started to find a job in Politics as he thought that he had done something for his country. Germany had to suffer from many economic crises during this era as they had to demilitarize the Rhineland according to the Treaty Of Versailles, Which caused a huge loss in the Country.

Entry in Politics and World War 2: 

Hitler started working for the party NSDP, An anti Government organization which was determined to undermine the Weimer Republic. Hitler gave many speeches against the Jews, Ruling party, Treaty Of Versailles. The Great Depression worked in the favor of Hitler as people started thinking that Hitler was their true hero.

Slowly Hitler gained full control of legislative and executive branches of the country. Though government seized Physical assets of the party but Hitler started secret meeting in which he declared Britain as their main enemy. Germany invaded Western Poland and Conquered the extraterritorial part ignoring the Treaty of Versailles. In response, Britain and France declared war against Germany.

Death and Defeat:

By the end of 1944, The Red army and Western Alliance started advancing towards Germany. Things were going out of control of Hitler, So Hitler thought of negotiating with the USA and Britain but the death of President Roosevelt made it impossible. In the end, When army troops were advancing towards Hitler’s house, Hitler shot himself in the head. Hitler’s role is considered as the Chancellor and a true leader for Germany.

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