Essay on American Conservative Revolution

The ‘Conservative Revolution’ is the main core of American history during the period of 1980s-1990s. It has played a very important role in the politics and American culture during the period of the 1950s also. The perspective of ‘American Conservatism’ was rule of law, Republican society, Respect of tradition, Support of Christian religion, and justification of Western Civilization from the challenges of modern culture and totalitarian regimes.

The American Conservative has Made its mark by Competing for the ideologies such as favoring low taxes, Free enterprise, small government, limited regulation etc.

American Flag

American Flag

Main Goals of American Conservative Revolution:

The main goals of American Conservative were to have government at a central level that could protect the citizens of the country, Protect their property as well as their liberty. They believed that all the other works of the government tend to weaken the freedom and it may rise to social conflicts and weaken the power of people which could have been a hurdle in the growth of the country in that era.

The other main goal of Conservative revolution was to have a government that could protect the citizens from the conflict between the True disciples of moral order and Social Engineers who build the society with the help of scientific measures.


Religious Ideology and Modern Conservatives:

The Religious Conservatives of America wanted to seek effect of a particular religion to the government which could incorporate the working and conservatism of the society. They influenced the teachings of religion which could influence the laws.

However, The modern conservatism is filled with Christians, Catholics who incorporates the core aspects of Conservatism on the Financial aspects, Strong defenses, Limited government. Most Conservatives applied faith in guiding the people that constitution protects the people and citizens of religion.


America laid stress on the ideology that government should play a very little role in the affairs of economy and society and only should provide a little guidance in simply maintaining the clean environment, Where the public can choose what is beneficial for them, it should not infringe on their human rights. Many communities disagreed with the fact that the philosophical approach of the society whereas many were in favor of this, almost mixed response was given by the country.

In the end, we can say that every country has used several techniques to fasten their development, Conservatism method was one of the most successful methods as we can see the results as America is one of the most developed countries in the present world. In recent times, Americans reduced the deregulation of pollution as the campaign ‘Drill baby Drill’ was used in 2008 elections.

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