Essay On Effects Of Music

Everything has its two sides as a coin have head and a tail. Music can helps a person to relax and lowers the level of stress.
On the other hand music effects our auditory system and listening to loud music can even destroy our hearing system.
Music can increase a person’s learning power because music repeats words and sounds. While going to sleep a soft music can boost sleep.


Music effects in both the ways, positive and negative

It enhances memory

This is well known fact that Musicians have better memory as they get training in playing instruments and that leads to better concentration and focus power.
Music can improve your verbal quality. Also,conversation ability increases because we can focus on a particular thing properly while communicating.
Brain scans have shown that professional musician have a mind different than non-musicians.

A music trainer can listen to what someone is saying in a proper way even if there is so much noise in that area.
Also,Students who are taking training in music they are so attentive,they can caught the words so easily even if a classroom is noisy.

Some of the facts the brain scan of musicians has shown are

  • Musicians areas which works for motor control, auditory processing, and spatial coordination are larger than normal people.
  • They also have larger corpus callosum(it connects two hemispheres of the brain to make communication between the two parts) which means they can communicate better.
  • Musician’s brain parts are more symmetrical and they listen to music with collaboration and symmetrically.

Lowers the Blood pressure rate

According to Tryon Daily Bulletin, Music changes your autonomic nervous system and helps in altering the Heart pumping rate and breathing rate.
Smooth music can make you relax and stress free.
Mozart(Master of the classical style MUSIC in all its forms of his time) wouldn’t heal a person’s heart failure but music can even recover the heart attack and and could lower blood pressure.
On the other hand,loud music can take your pressure of blood high.

Music Cheers Mood

A Chemical known as Dopamine which is responsible for a human being’s pleasant mood as you feel during eating your favorite dish,going to a wonderful place or while climax,orgasm.
When you are in a good mood,Dopamine is released in the brain likewise you feel while listening to music and as a result this chemical is released.
There is one interesting fact that you can increase the Dopamine level by shuffling to a playlist and suddenly if your favorite song comes up, Dopamine level will further increased.

Music makes you Productive

While you are in a office and you played your favorite music as a background music,this will make your mood good automatically and you can even do repeating tasks more efficiently and wisely.
Music helps you in doing your work with more interest.
Some studies showed,in some occupations the MUSIC has shown its productiveness.
As studied, Software engineers done their work more efficiently and easily while listening to music.
Also,Surgeons when choose their own music while operate they done their work more acuurately, stress free and faster as compared to when they do not listen to music.
If a player/athlete goes for playing after listening to music there are less chances of heave under pressure.

Makes you feel Panic

Sometimes, you relate your feelings with a particular song you are listening to,which can make you feel so disturbed and once you listened to that song you will ruin your whole day as a result your thoughts could leads to Overthinking. Therefore can make you accent.
It can be found people with sad mood have increased amount of norepinephrine and serotonin.

Makes harm to Auditory system

Use of earphones while listening to music can damage your nerves in the mind.
A research has proven that noise above 110 decibels can cause loss of nerve fibers which carries information of signal from ear to the brain. It can also damage nerve’s protecting coating, myelin which is essential for signals to the brain

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