Essay On Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

It is an ability to understand and to control our own emotions as well as of other’s emotions. If we start implementing this intelligence in life, we will definitely go to succeed in career and go to get satisfaction in personal and social life too.

Features of People With High EI


People who are aware of their emotions and will have the high emotional intelligence. Because they know how to control their anger, arrogance and other negative effects.therefore, they can control their feelings and it could help them to create a peaceful environment in which they visit as a routine. These people are aware of the consequences of emotions.

Essay On Emotional Intelligence

Essay On Emotional Intelligence

Yet, others also are aware but they never used their intelligence while getting into emotions because they go stuck so much in the internal sense that forgets everything around them.

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How to be Self-Sophisticated

  • Do what your inner voice says.
  • Do meditation on a regular basis for self-realization.
  • Do a different type of tasks to enhance your experiences.

Strong Communication

People with this quality can be a leader in any field.communication skills makes a person more interacted with various types of persons and they can observe people’s behavior easily and therefore tackle them as needed. for eg. if a person is mentally disturbed, a person with high emotional intelligence could handle him politely and friendly even though he itself having so much burden.

How to Enhance Communication Skills

  • Understand one’s motive to communicate with you to answer one’s question unbiasedly.
  • Observe one’s posture while talking.


This is another important quality of EI. Harmonious understanding can make the people to feel more recognized towards each this, our efficiency to listen, analyze and last but not least understanding.

How to activate Rapportness

  • Listen carefully to others.
  • Make a habit to look at different things differently.

Fragile Nature

It’s an ability to handle situations with different perspectives which can be useful in understanding other’s emotions very well. People with this feature an e can be a leader in their career because they have an art of handling the various situation accordingly. As we know that it’s an analyzer analyse and control our own and other’s emotions with the help of intelligence that’s why we should know that fragility is very important for that.

Balancing Nature

People with extraordinary EI have also the ability for balancing work and play. A person with this feature knows that when he itself needs break from work. This is very essential for health, mind and body.

  1. How to increase emotional intelligence??
  2. By believing in your intuitions
  3. By starting talk with different people in the society
  4. By self-realization
  5. By self-confidence
  6. By observation of others behavior
  7. Do not let emotions undertaken over your logical ability.
  8. Understand rather than judgment.




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