Essay On Father’s Love

Most of the authors and poets expresses love of a Mother for her children but rarely we discuss about Father’s love even though we all know that both the parents love their child equally. Just the difference is a Father doesn’t manifesto his love.

A Father have many responsibilities such as financial stress,family running,job or business handling etc. and therefore,they get lesser time to spend with his family as compared to a housewife Mother.
Classical tradition have changed now;because 60 percent of the mothers of this era also work to put their financial situation stable. This is the main reason that Mothers also do not have the much time to spend with their children as a Father.

Father is unable to express his emotions and feelings because GOD made them a strong creature yet they love and care for their child much more!!
A Research has found,A Father who is conscious towards their children,that child rarely have any behavior problems or mental problems because a child need all is,a father’s as well of a mother’s love and support. Therefore,Fathers are also important as Mothers because both have their specific roles to play in child’s bringing.

How a father can express his love and care-

  • firstly,start taking interests in the things which a child loves to do. for example-start playing (cricket,tennis or whatever they love to do) with your child.
  • Also do not abuse if a child does a mistake but love them and help them to understand,why they went wrong.
  • Give them presents and gifts on their special days.
  • Start Spending time with them on WEEKENDS.
  • Start getting into conversations with your child while watching T.V.,playing games and so on.
  • Inquire about their studies and friends for knowing and involving in their personal interests so that they can feel safe that her/his Father cares about them.
  • Be Childish while your Child is with his/her Friends.

Importance of father-

Think about the child who doesn’t have father.A child with these circumstances can have very difficult life financially,socially and mentally. A Father is a left hand to his/her children. Also,a research found that boys with greater maths abilities are more interacted to their fathers.
From Infancy, a child is given it’s father’surname and the whole society knows him from his father’s name and pride. In Father’s hand we feel safe and secure.
When we goes through that phase only then we will be able to find how our parents love us,as a phrase tells”Experience is the mother of wisdom” .
Most of the children put story updates on social websites on Father’s day and on other special days but never loved them as they deserve. We should love them the way they do every day not just to show the public and friends on that specific day.

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