Essay On How to be happy all the time?


We all want to be happy but the consequences of life or any other factor makes us feel panic or disturbed sometimes.
We all think that ,we can be happy by earning money i.e.wealth or by pleasures in life like luxuries etc.these are the needs but Harvard university researches on how to live a good life? how to be happy all the time? found that the real source of happiness is nothing but relationships.

Our relationships affect our lives the most.the relationship could be of mother and a son ,wife and husband,sister and brother and so observation of about 80years in Harvard University found that throughout the life we face obstacles in the field of career,health,etc. but the real thing which effects our happiness is relationships which means that to be happy the most important thing is warm and peaceful relationships in a family. If we are happy at the level of family then only we could be happy in real.
So, this reveals that we need to build warm and calm relationships for a happy life and for that we need a factor that is understanding for good relationships.

Now the question is what is understanding

A good understanding could be to understand the other’s circumstances that why someone is doing this or that and not to argue.the argument couldn’t leads to any result or solution but it leads to only stress and bad relationships and which could lead to feel disturbed and unhappy.

Understanding others doesn’t mean that you could be also understood by others.

How our happiness depend upon positive and negative thoughts-

Happiness indirectly related to our thoughts because if we were mentally upset we couldn’t be happy and also cannot make others our mind positive thoughts comes along with negative .

It is not possible to have only positive thoughts as after day there is a night similarly our mind cannot think only positive. Let us assume there were no negatives in our mind then what would happen?Have you thought?
Then the answer is we would experience nothing wrong as a result we will never understand the difference between wrong and right.
But we can control negative thoughts to some extent.

How to control negative thoughts-

The more we say to combat with negative thoughts ,more we are going to stuck in that.the more we say to stop a negative thought it will ultimately comes more to our mind.

For example we faced a failure in our career and we felled off in our business if we think of a positive side we will never feel down.the negative will be seen as a positive thought.

How to build positive side of a negative thought-

Everything has its positive side even of a negative the question is how to build positive side of every aspect. Let us take examples-a factory has blazed , the workers and the owner rescued from the flames if we think its positive side that the human beings rescued we can overcome our thoughts of loss.
Let us take another example-assume that you had the conflicts with your friends or any other family member we should not thought of that argues but we should focus on what we have learned from that conflicts ? Negatives will start changing into positive vibes.

Another factor that could be practiced for calm relations -is not to Argue

Arguing cannot solve the problems but it makes the worst and stressful mind,Because while arguing we just wants to prove our self right in any condition and do not come to the point for a solution .Arguing makes the people overwhelmed and nothing more.

Overall in life if we want to be happy a major factor to be happy are relations. Harvard research showed that the people who have the warm relations could live for longer and happier and that who have not much good relations died earlier in life due to stress.

Cholesterol levels in aged people do not effected more as the bad relations did!!

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