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Human Brain is the most perplex organ of the human body. This is a known fact that Biological things are more befuddle than non-biological things and the Brains are the most complex biological organ.

Somewhat,it looks like walnuts.

We often use the terms “mind” and “brain” interchangeably but there is a difference between these two words in the deep sense. Human brains are complex than any other animal brain in the known universe.


Three Parts of the Brain

Human brain weights just 3 pounds and it have mainly three divisions

  • Cerebrum
  • Cerebellum 
  • Brain Stem.


It covers most of the area of the brain. It helps us to think,remember and act. It also helps us in movement. In general, it takes information from our surroundings and send it to a specific part of Cerebrum.
It is located on the top part of the skull (skull is the outermost covering of the brain) and it is further divided into to parts by longitudinal fissure. Corpus callosum, a bundle of neural fibers maintains a link between the two halves.

It is the center part of the forebrain. Cerebrum have two halves from which, right half helps to work left part of the body and vice-versa. These two halves transfer messages to each other to communicate.

It have four lobes in the two halves namely
1.frontal lobe
2.parietal lobe
3.occipital lobe
4.temporal lobe


It is the second largest part of the brain. It is a part of Hindbrain. Cerebellum is located at the back of the skull and behind the brain stem.
It helps to maintain balance,coordination power. It controls the motor state i.e. it collects information for the desired state or movement of the human body. It has vast connections to all parts of the main brain(cerebrum).
Cerebellum is divided into three main sections which are connected in specific manner with the main brain.
1. archicerebellum
2. palaeocerebellum
3. neocerebellum


Brain Stem

This part is lower part of the brain which is further connected with spinal cord. It manages the flow of blood in the body,digestion,consciousness,heart rate and when one could be sleep or awake etc.
It is considered as the messenger between body and the brain for eg. when a person got hurted physically with pain body conveys message to brain to react(to protect itself) through nerves,this message is received through brain stem by spinal cord. This is a part of midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata.


How mind works according to psychology

There are three types of categories divided by psychologists , that are

  1. Conscious mind
  2. Subconscious mind
  3. Unconscious mind.

Conscious mind is like a keyboard of a Computer. It takes information from experiences, surroundings and just give it to the Subconscious mind.
Subconscious mind is like a RAM in a computer.

RAM stores the information which is currently in use and provides information quickly when it is needed by the data and applications.
Similarly,Subconscious mind stores information which we have seen in the surroundings or if we are thinking of someone’s name to whom we met in last few days,this mind helps us to remember. Our daily habits,feelings processed in this mind.
Unconscious mind, is like a hard disk in a computer. It stores long term memories and couldn’t deleted. Like if we have been injured in our childhood we will remember it till our death.

Unconscious mind stores that memories forever.

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Difference between Mind and Brain

We often use these terms interchangeably like we sometimes say “what was in your mind” or “what was in your brain” with the same sense although, it have some distinctions.
It was explained by a french philosopher, Rene Descartes that mind is like a “Software” in a computer and “Brain” is like a “Hardware” in a computer.
So, we can understand from it clearly that when the brain is working we can say it as mind and if it doesn’t alive then we can not say it as a brain.
These two terms are incomplete with each other.
In other words, we can say that memory,intelligence,remembering are a part of mind and skull consists of nerves,lobes is called as brain.

Some interesting facts about HUMAN BRAIN

1. It is the fattest organ in the human body even it consists of 60 percent of the fat of body in the brain.
2. HUMAN BRAIN have the efficiency to produce 23 watts of power when awaken.
3. Blood vessels in human mind is about 100,000 miles long.
4. Neurons get developed approximately 250,000 per minute,during early stage of pregnancy.
5. A research in U.S. found, as we grow we are unable to think of new ideas because,old memories are remained in the mind and it prevents to learn new things.
6. 20 percent of the oxygen and blood of the total blood and oxygen in our body is carried by the brain.

7.Left brain works for the right side of the body and right brain works for the left side of a human body.

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