Essay on Illuminati: Is It Just A Myth? Or Is There Reality

We live in a world that for the large part supports democratic governments over autocratic rules. About 58% of world population lives in democratic countries.

It’s general perception in almost all major countries that democracy provides people more power to intervene in the decisions of nation, because if they do not like the actions of a government they can throw it out after sometime.

However, questions have consistently been raised about does this really work in real world? Many people suggest that rather than public it’s the wealthy elite of every nation and some other geopolitical forces that influence government decision making in most countries, especially democracies. You might have heard this theory already.

However, a similar theory that’s not paid much attention is that of some wealthy elite governing the whole world. Yes, you read it right, the whole world. This theory is called ‘Illuminati’, and in this essay we’ll take a look at it.

Essay on Illuminati: Is It Just A Myth? Or Is There Reality

Essay on Illuminati: Is It Just A Myth? Or Is There Reality

What is Illuminati?

Put simply, Illuminati are secret societies of some wealthy elites. The goal of these societies is said to achieve “One World, One Government”. That is, having control on almost every government in the world and establishing a “New World Order” with a totalitarian leadership at the helm of these societies. Why? Because these societies believe that the world should be run by a few people who have the proven mental ability to run it.

The history of Illuminati

The history of Illuminati dates back to 1770s. The term itself has come from ‘Bavarian Illuminati’, a secret society that was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1976. It’s suggested that it was the most powerful secret society to ever exist in the history of mankind. To this date a number of societies claim that they’re descendants of this particular society.
The goal of Bavarian Illuminati was to oppose superstition, regional influence over public affairs and abuses of state power. Many influential politicians, intellectuals, business persons and dukes counted themselves as members of this particular society.

The Bavarian Illuminati and other secret societies were, however, banned by the Roman Catholic Church. But critics claim that those societies still operated underground and were responsible for the French revolution.

How Illuminati try to influence our world?

Now the question comes how can a group of few people set the governance agenda for the whole world? How can they ever gain control over the happenings of this entire planet? The answer lies in economics, politics, media, music and education. Control these and you can shape the activities of world as you want to.

Is it just a conspiracy theory? Or do such societies really exist?

While there’re signs to prove that Bavarian Illuminati and many other such societies of its time did really exist, there’re no signs that can prove that these societies exist today. The claims around this particular conspiracy theory today are nothing but moneymaking schemes for a bunch of people. Conspiracy theories are made only around powerful people, and Illuminati is one of them. You almost never hear a conspiracy theory about an average guy on the street or about some group of poor kids.


The legend of Illuminati is alive even after 3 centuries because it’s associated with interesting characters, their ambitions and most importantly ‘power’. It’s our tryst with power and powerful people that keeps this whole phenomenon alive. Besides that there’s no real-world evidence to prove the existence of an underground government that can control the whole world.

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