An Essay on Love – Why Love is Important ?

Introduction : Essay On Love

The word love is something that almost everyone is familiar with. In fact, many of us have since childhood heard the statement that Love is all that matters. But have we stopped for a second and ever wondered what is love? Well put very simply love is an emotion, a sense of longing, a desire to be together and keep each other happy.

We always tend to think that love and relationships as the only place love can exist, but there are realms outside romantic love. The love of a mother for her son, the love of a dog for its owner and the love of friends for each other is something just as pure and passionate. Real love can be found in all walks of life and it is a precious wonderful emotion.

What are the Different Types of Love ?

Essay on Love

Essay on Love

Most of us spend our entire lives looking for love. But love is around all of us. Sadly in our search for it we become so narrow-minded that we lose track of the broader picture of the different types of love that exist out there outside of romantic love and relationships. In fact, one of the best love quotes- “Your love is all I need to feel complete” is one that can be applied to all sorts of relationships be they romantic or not.

1. Love Between Family

Families are the building blocks of society and it is love between the members of the family which keeps them together through thick and thin, no matter what happens. The word love comes with a feeling of trust and there is no greater trust in the world than the one shared between parents and their children or siblings.

This is why no matter what happens, people are always advised never to turn their backs on family as the love and care of someone you share a blood bond with is not something that can be erased over a few tiffs or arguments. Family gatherings, the smiles of parents with their children, the happy faces of brothers and sisters- all of these are examples of true love.

2. Love Between Animals and Humans

While it may be hard for someone who has never had a pet to understand what is love for animals like, but anyone who has ever cared for any animal has felt their gratitude and their unending love. If dogs could speak, they would probably define real love better than most humans ever can.

There have been stories of people who in their quest of looking for love found real love in the arms of a furry animal, bird or even a fish. There is no better joy than experiencing the love, admiration, and adoration of a pet for their human counterparts.

3. Romantic Love

Romantic Love is how most of us are familiar with the word love. In fact in our society the words my love mean exclusively to one’s romantic partner. This is a love for the ages and something that every human in their lifetime must experience at least once.

But there are a group of people who think that as society has progressed and we have moved onto a faster lifestyle, romantic love followed by the committed love that forms everlasting relationships has made way to lust and temporary unions of body and not of mind.

This is something that we as a society must be aware of and guard against as love is very integral to the very building blocks of human society-the family and the increasing rates of divorce and single adult humans who refuse to marry could signal we are entering a new stage of society.


While love as an emotion is something intangible the need for love and relationships in human life is very real and thus with the advancement of technology and society. the search for looking for love has evolved as well. But as a recent study from Harvard has proved that despite everything, love is indeed all we need and finding it is the only way to find contentment in life.

Wrapping it up with one of the best love sayings-the words of the famous Irish author James Joyce.

Love loves to love love.

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