Essay on Overcoming Obstacles

Essay on Overcoming Obstacles: 5 Steps to Crossing Hurdles

We will be hard put to find single person who has never faced any obstacles in their life. Obstacles are part and parcel of living the human life. We face hindrances while we are in school and college, throughout our professional lives, and in our personal situations. Obstacles can come from external forces, such as adverse situations and hostile people, and it can also come from within, when we feel depressed and unmotivated, or feel incapable of completing a task.

Obstacles Essay

Obstacles Essay

There is no way to avoid obstacles all throughout lives, but there is certainly a way to ensure that these obstacles do not hold us back completely from achieving our dreams. If we keep changing paths every time we hit a roadblock, we will soon be so far removed from our goal that it will no longer be within our range of vision.

In this overcoming obstacles essay, we will discuss how we can overcome the obstacles that we face on a daily basis.

Analyze the Obstacle

Step 1, of course, is analyzing the obstacle. You have a certain goal in mind, but for some reason you are not being able to achieve the goal. Take a step back from the relentless trying and look at the situation objectively. Of course, this will require you to be very self ware. Instead of creating a list of excuses that are holding you back, create a list of realistic problems.

Do you lack the qualification required to complete the task? In that case, you need to earn that qualification. Take a course if necessary. Is time management the problem? Make a daily routine and stick to it.

Be realistic

The importance of being realistic cannot be undermined. If you have set a goal in front of you that is completely unrealistic, you will never be able to achieve it. Remember, a dream is never unrealistic unless there are absolutely none of the resources required to achieve it are available.

When you feel that the obstacle in front of you is too great, take a step back and analyze the dream that you have. Is it an impossible one? Are there absolutely no resources to complete the project? You don’t have to find a different dream; you simply need to curb its proportions to suit your current situation.

Avoid Making Excuses

When we face a roadblock in our path, we generally try a couple of times to get past it, and then a kind of frustration sets in. many of us feel demotivated and inadequate, and the feeling sets in that we would not be able to cross the hurdle. In order to justify our inactivity, we usually try to drum up a list of excuse.

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The time is not right, people do not cooperate with us, or we are simply unlucky. The more we conjure up excuses, the more we start to believe in them, and the farther we get from ever crossing the hurdle. It is important, therefore, to first chuck that list of excuses out of the window. Instead of making excuses, we need to begin on a list of possible alternatives that would help us successfully jump over the obstacle

Explore Alternatives

There is always more than one way to reach your destination. If one path did not work, look at the other alternatives. Maybe the approach you were taking was completely wrong, and there is a much better and much easier way to fulfill your dream. Maybe you were taking the easier path all along, and that is way you kept facing problems, and the alterative is trickier, but a sure way.

If you do not explore the possibilities, you will never know what is there in store for you and what you are capable of. Even if you fail along the way, you will learn a new lesson with each failure. Sometimes, it becomes important to take a whole new, fresh approach to things. Great discoveries and inventions haven’t been made in a day; the inventors have had to fail multiple times before they achieved at the desired result. 

Get a Fresh Perspective

Getting a fresh perspective on the current situation is extremely important to overcoming an obstacle. Sometimes, when you are thinking about something for way too long, you brain gets tired and you are unable to shed any new light on the matter. In such a situation, do not be afraid to take help from others.

Talk about the situation to someone else and see it from their perspective. Many a times, you will be surprised at the simple and effective solutions outsiders will come up with. And if there is no one to talk with, take some time off your dream. Do not forget about it, but move away for some time. Indulge in something else, something that is completely removed from the task at hand. You can go on a trip, or take up a hobby. This will clear your mind and give you fresh enthusiasm to break down that barrier.

No one likes to meet obstacles in thy way of fulfilling their dream, but they cannot be avoided either. And there is no way around an obstacle; you must either climb over them or break them down. What you will ultimately do depends upon you, but choosing to change your destination because there is a mountain on the way will only leave regrets in its wake. 

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