Essay on Rainbow – How a Rainbow forms?

We are staring and listening to this seven color arc since, our childhood, and which is commonly known as Rainbow!!

Before ISSAC NEWTON people thought that rainbow has five colors only. Always we think that rainbow is a semi-circle or semi-arc but actually it is a full circle which is not visible by naked eyes except if we are in an airplane and chopper.

How a Rainbow Forms


How is it formed?

It forms when sunlight and raindrop interact at a specific angle.Sun has only one color then the question arises, how the spectrum of seven colors form??

When sunlight passes through a droplet of rainwater, it splits into seven colors due to a scientific phenomenon called refraction.

Usually rainbow seen so rarely. RAINBOW forms when in sunlight it rains, seven color arc forms.
scientifically, there is also reflection along with refraction.

Generally, we always talked about refraction in the formation of rainbow yet reflection also occurs inside the droplet. Both the phenomenon leads to the formation of this spectrum.


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Some Interesting features of RAINBOW

Have you ever notice a color difference above and below rainbow??
Yes, there is a difference. Above the rainbow, there is a dusty color of light in the sky and below it, there is a bright light.

Rainbow can also be seen without rain in some cases. You can see where there is a waterfall if the sun is on your back and you will notice seven-color spectra of the rainbow.

Sometimes double, triple or even quadruple rainbow can also form but it is very rare. It happens when there is double reflection inside the droplet, it forms a double rainbow.

When three times reflection, triple rainbow forms and if four times then a quadruple rainbow forms.

Have you ever listened to a rainbow at night??
The answer is NO because, for a rainbow to be formed, there should be light to strike with a droplet of rainwater but the sun is at an angle above the angle required to strike the light so that light will also strike at a level above the 42 degrees which is not possible!!
Because 42 degrees is an exact angle for striking of light on water drop to form a there is also a rare chance of forming rainbow at night.

Another exciting thing about the rainbow is that it also is seen on the Saturn planet’s moon, TITAN. Due to its excess moisture on the surface of the moon(TITAN) and angle of dispersion which is 49 degrees is enough to make a rainbow.

How our Mood Enhances by Looking at a Rainbow

Because we are a part of this nature, nature’s law is “we come from nature and dug into nature” therefore we feel better by embracing nature and rainbow is a wonderful act of nature. Mood can enhance in seconds if you ever have felt that essence.

Everything which connects us with the nature is always energy builder and pleasures.for example it could be jogging in the morning in a park or visiting a hill station or sitting on the bridge of a river or beach.rainbow is also a pleasureful view with which a smile automatically rises on the faces of every person of any age.

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