Essay On Reading Books

Reading books have many benefits but today’s people lost curiosity due to many reasons. The main reason behind loosing interest is considered as technology such as mobile phones,video games,television etc.

In early days people usually love to read the books of interest to gain some experience who cannot go through the world (travelling) but now the free time is consumed by these so called technology.

Reading can maintain your level of concentration,focus and can enhance your thinking power. It can be proven very useful in gathering the information about many aspects of life. Our perspective of looking things differently in different situations can be made. It makes our thinking flexible and which situation we were thinking so serious can overcome by using our way of thinking.

Makes our mind Creative

Mind is the most powerful tool in this universe. It can do anything if just we become creative. Books can be the best friend to make our mind more relaxable . Now the question arises how books can make our mind creative??

Creativity is when we look the things in different manners whereas other people are just thinking that particular thing in programmed manner.
From our childhood ,our parents and elders have programmed our minds with their beliefs.
Therefore,we have never thought of thinking things differently!!
Our minds are not machines. Only reading is a thing which is not much expensive and can make our minds to fly!!

Reading can be a Success ladder

If you are doing a business it is the best way to be successful. Most of the successful people like Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos have a common habit that is reading books.
They gather information and also books increases their focus power to concentrate on their business.
They given statements
Warren Buffet stated that he spends 80% of his time in reading books and gathering knowledge.
He also said that information that i get from books helps me to make right decisions.
Bill gates revealed that he reads 50 books around a year and Oprah said that she reads one book in each month.
Mostly these people read biographies,self-development books to achieve their goal.


Improves Conversation Quality

While communicating with people you can be a better communicator because as compared to others you have gathered knowledge on various topics. Conversation will become continue due to your imaginative mind which has been created by books.
Books are written by personal experienced authors and which can connect us with society indirectly. Many of us do not know that when and how to react to a situation. So, we can crave unexpected information from the books.

Reading books makes us healthy

Makes you Healthy

A common saying states that “Health is Wealth”. Yess!! without health you cannot work properly. If you read a book (either fictitious or non-fictitious) before sleeping it can boost your sleep because it makes you to emerge in that book and take away the troubles and problems you faced in the whole day.
If you got a good sleep at night that will ultimately boost your energy in the morning and you can work properly.
Make it habitual to read a book at night before sleep if you are not getting free time in the morning.

Some books can save our life

If someone have faced some failure in life. Some authors have written the books of quality whose stories and motivation can even save a person’s life from that fall.
Some persons are sensitive and when they fails in something they just fall off like that they cannot stand up again but a book reading can polish their minds and can give them motivation to extend their boundaries.

Everything have some pros and cons but the book reading doesn’t, because we will get something by reading books even if you read one page a day. It increases your curiosity to know more!!!

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