Essay on Reading – Books Is My Hobby

Essay on Reading- 6 Reasons to show the Importance of Reading

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. When you read, your mind becomes clearer, and you open up the world to your eyes. It is by reading that you can expose yourself to what is happening in the world around you, and it is through reading that you get a clearer and inquisitive bent of mind.

Essay on Reading - Books Is My Hobby

Essay on Reading – Books Is My Hobby

Reading skills are considered one of the most important skills a person can possess, and with good reason too. Children are encouraged to read from a very young age, and as they grow up, they are asked to hone their reading skills. In this essay on the importance of reading, let us see why.

Your Source of Information

You gain information through reading, and that is why it is important. You might say that you get information through social media as well but think about it: you need to read the information shared on our social media feed. The more you read, the better you understand the world around you.

You get a better grasp on topics that are within your areas of interest, and, as you keep in reading and gaining more information about what interests you, you get to know that there are numerous other areas too that are related to what you are reading. The more you read, the more you know; and the more you know, the more you are propelled to read. Reading truly makes us a lot more knowledgeable as it hones our cognitive processes and helps us process information better.

You Grow As A Person

The more you read, the more you grow as a person. Reading opens up whole new worlds to us we did not know previously to exist. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become, and, if you are the kind of reader who truly imbibes what they read, chances are you will also become much wiser.

When you read stories, you start to learn about the struggles other people face and the different situations that people have to go through. In perspective, you learn to be grateful for what you have and be less engrossed in your own troubles. Because you read, you are more knowledgeable about things around you, and that gives you the confidence to speak up for people.

You Become Sharper

Research has shown that reading helps us sharpen areas of the brain that are responsible for cognition and complex reasoning. People who read for pleasure usually really imbibe what they are reading. They are used to analyzing everything that they read in their mind, often times holding debates with themselves regarding something that they have read.

This practice keeps their reasoning faculties well-honed, and they are very good at analyzing a complex set of data. You have probably noticed that great academicians, scientists, mathematicians, and financial experts are usually very well read; this is because their years of reading practice has enabled them to excel in professions that require very complex analysis of very complex data.

You Become Adjustable

Reading does not only help us analyze data and gain information, it also considerably shapes who we are. The more well read we are, the more aware we become of the different kinds of people living around us, and the different situations they are in.

This makes us a lot more accepting of the people we come across in our daily lives. So, instead of laughing at the colleague who stays by herself and dresses extremely conservatively, we accept the fact that this is how she is, and realize that there might be some major reason behind her demeanor.

Instead of becoming judgmental, we learn empathy. This makes us a very good fit in any culture around the world; first of all, we are open to differences and respectful of them, and secondly, it is likely that we have possibly read a bit about the people, so culture shock is somewhat alleviated.

You Live A Thousand Lives

This might seem rather farfetched, but this is, in fact, one of the biggest advantages of reading. Every once in a while, we get bored and feel trapped in our daily existence. That moment has come in everyone’s life when they have wished to be somebody else; not necessary anyone is particular, but anybody except who they are at the moment.

And you can hardly find a better escape than a book. Once you are engrossed in a book, your own life recedes for the time being. You travel, laugh, cry, love, and die along with the characters you most identify with. With each book you read, you go through new experiences and new lifestyles, and thus you get a new lease of life every time you take up a different story.

You Are Never Bored

Reading is an incredibly addictive habit, and making it your own will ensure you are never bored or lonely. Carry a book or many ebooks on your device when you are attending a rather boring party and you will soon escape mundane conversation by leaping into colorful lives. Reading is the answer to almost every lonely moment. Stuck in traffic? Read. Terrible weather outside? Read. Nothing on TV? You guessed it, read.

Of course, that is not to say that you need to make reading your only activity. Like everything else, too much reading will probably turn you into a couch potato with terrible health and failing eyesight. Make reading a habit, but balance it with ample outdoor activities, socialization, and exercise.

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