Essay on Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is commonly known as ‘Coathanger’, is the bridge that connects South Shore with North Core of the city of Sydney. It represents the most iconic view of Sydney built near the Opera house, is a way for the pedestrians, cyclist, and cars. It is the most common topic for writing an essay for the students of Australia. Before beginning with the essay on Sydney Harbour Bridge, we should review the types of structural terms like Archs, Pylons, and Abutments.

Essay on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Essay on Sydney Harbour Bridge



The history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge comprises two Phases: Proposals and Planning. Due to the problem of traveling from North Shore to South Shore, a lot of time was wasted in order to reach the opposite end. So, as early as 1815, the idea of constructing a bridge was planned. An Architect named Francis Greenway proposed to the governor about his idea, which later on got published in the newspaper in 1825. But no action was taken to convert this idea into reality, However, the thought was kept alive as in 1840, another engineer proposed an idea of floating bridge. Another effort of proposing a Truss bridge also came in 1879.

The official effort was made by the government in 1900 when the government organized a bridge drawing, a design competition to get the best sketch for the bridge, ultimately they got the one they desired, but the game changed as the government was changed and economic strength of the country weakened. In 1914, When Bradfield was appointed as the chief engineer of construction, he proposed an idea which urged the Australian government to pass the bill. However, yet another skipping stone for the construction was World War 1 which led to the delay in the construction. A tender was passed by Government on 24 March 1924 to Dorman Long and Co Ltd with a quoted price of  AU£4,217,721 11s 10d.

Construction and Opening:

The main design was that the bridge will be constructed by 2 Archs held 30 Metres Apart, each arch made of steel and in the triangular shape. There was an Abutment on either side of Arch to avoid the arch spreading outward. As mentioned in the essay earlier that it will use some technical language. On November 26, 1928, 589 pounds of steel was installed making it a new world record. 6 million rivets were used as welding process was not reliable at all. Around 16 workers got killed during the construction of the bridge.

By the beginning of the year 1932, the bridge was handed over to the government after installing the gas pipes, drainage pipes etc. The bridge was formally opened on 19th of March 1932. It was scheduled to be opened by a ribbon cutting ceremony by Premier Jack Lang but right before the cutting of the ribbon, An Ex-officer named Groot Galloped on a horse and cut the ribbon with his Sword. The ribbon was fixed immediately and a grand salute of 21 guns was given. The final cost of construction was 10, 057, 170 pounds 7 shillings and 9 pence.


Some Important Facts:

The essay on Sydney Harbour Bridge contain many interesting facts; It is the sixth largest Arch bridge in the world. It was also the Widest Bridge of the world by the year 2012. The bridge is also equipped by a Tidal operation. The bridge is used by Pedestrians, Cyclist, cars, trains and even used for bridge climbing in order to attract the tourists. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the bridge was only allowed to be used by pedestrians or vintage vehicles.

On January 1988, First-time Firework show was shown on the Bridge on the occasion of Australia day, Since then it is shown on every New Year’s Eve. On the occasion of 2000 Sydney Olympics, the bridge was adorned with Olympic rings. In 2005, Mark Weber drove the Formula one car across the bridge to promote the Formula racing. 6000 people together enjoyed the picnic along with live music on the bridge in 2009 and 2010so at the end of the essay, I would like to say that a lot of stories and memories of the Australians are with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and it will continue to witness many moments in the future also.





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