Essay On The Guinness Book Of World Record


We all have generally listened to the Guinness world record. Guinness world record’s Global Headquarters are located in London along with two office branches at New York City and Tokyo.

This Guinness book of world record was founded by Guinness Breweries.
Every year,one book is being published which tells us about the world records in vast fields from Olympics,food,society,human body(tallest person,richest people,biggest nose etc.),discoveries,singing,business,adventures,visits,social media records etc.


This book itself becomes a record in bestselling copyright all the time. In 2017, 62nd edition of book was published in 100 countries with 37 different languages.

Many People do something unique to publish their names in Guinness book of world records yet only 1000 applications make the cut to be published in book out of about 50,000 application which they receive annually.

The first edition was completed in 13 and a half 90-hour weeks including gusted holidays and weekends also.
This book was found due to an argument involved while Breweries(founder of Guinness book of world record)missed a shot on golden plover(a bird) and got into a quarrel that which bird is swiftest game bird i.e. red grouse or golden plover. Therefore, he thought of publishing a record book.


Moral and welfare conditions for publishing a record

For many reasons,some of the records may be added and removed later if they are not suitable for the society. Before publishing a record, company strictly watch over that no animal or birds are harmed if so,they will not accept it. Some of the records,such as “Heaviest fish” was removed due to their owners are feeding their fishes overdose and that could harm them.
Other records such as “Sword Swallowing” and “Rally Driving” is not being published further after the current holders because current holders have done under very safe manner.
In 2011, It is being told by the company that in “large food” records there is no wastage of food and it will be distributed to the audience.

Complications in defining records

Some of the records such as beauty is not quantitatively measured therefore,that is not removed from the records publishing.

Guinness book of world record has been also stopped “DREADLOCKS HAIRS” record publishing after one and only record breaker (ASHA MANDELA) of these type of hairs because it is very difficult to investigate such type of things with accuracy.

Publishing in book and online publishing

Book only publish about 4000 records annually yet company publish 15000 records online every week out of nearly 40,000 records applications.
If someone’s record is not published in a book, you should contact to company personally for the true verification.

Some Ever Unique Records of the Book

  1.  A dog, Pekingese,when he was of nine years old he broken the record for the longest tongue in the world  measured, 4.5 inches at Avondale Haslet Animal Clinic, Texas, in May 2009
  2. A Man made a record of 67 years in selling ice-creams  named Allen Ganz. He started selling ice creams since from his childhood along with his father at the age of 10 in 1947 and when he became young  he bought an ice cream truck in 1977 in  Peabody, Massachusetts
  3.  Charlotte Lee (USA)  who is collecting the RUBBER DUCKS since, 1996 and broken the record on 10 April 2011 and collected 5,631 different rubber ducks which all are different and unique from each other.
  4. Indians are also not on back, Ram Singh Chauhan” mustache measured in Rome, Italy, on March 4, 2010 and made a world record of longest mustache 14 feet long.
  5. A Parrot named Zac The Macow in San Jose, California, on January 12, 2012 unsealed 35 cans in one minute.


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