Essay on Whatsapp- Impact of Whatsapp on Society

Human Being had always wanted to communicate with each other, So in search of this, Human tried many ways to communicate with the people who are at a distance from them. Communication has a very bigger impact on the society. There was a time when people used to communicate with the help of birds, then came the time of letters and telegrams, then the telephone was invented and with the help of mobile phones, SMS system was invented.

Then the era of internet communication began, which was a way to faster than any communication system. Whatsapp is the biggest example of internet communication. We can chat, send photos, videos, share music, even do video calls on Whatsapp. But we know, everything has a positive impact as well as negative impact on the society. Let’s discuss the Impact of Whatsapp on Society in this essay.

Essay on Whatsapp- Impact of Whatsapp on Society

Essay on Whatsapp- Impact of Whatsapp on Society

Positive Impact of Whatsapp on Society:

There are many different aspects on which the Whatsapp has an impact on the society. One of the major Impact is that Whatsapp is a very cost-effective method to communicate with the people living at a long distance away from us. The only thing you need is Whatsapp app and an Internet connection. Without any wastage of money, you can stay connected with your friends across the globe, You can simply call them, you can even do video call. Another positive  Impact is unlike other internet apps, Whatsapp is totally Ad-free and there is no such interruption while you are chatting with somebody.

One big advantage of Whatsapp is also that it is very smooth as once you install the Whatsapp app, it automatically Accesses our contacts to see the profile of our contacts, whether they are using Whatsapp or not, Uploading files is also very smooth process on Whatsapp. Whatsapp has also narrowed the gap in the business sector also. The communication between customers and businessman has been made stronger due to Whatsapp only. Making groups is also having a great impact on society as we can create the group for a particular purpose and share information on the single message rather than writing separately to individuals.

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Negative Impacts of Whatsapp on Society:

As we know if the pros are in a great number than cons are also many which ultimately have a negative impact on the society. One of the biggest problems of using Whatsapp is that it is very Addictive, it strongly affects our concentration power. Consciously or sub-consciously we check our phone again and again which wastes our time a lot.


Another problem with using Whatsapp is that it is compatible with limited resources means it can be used to communicate with the person who has the same app on his phone, also if a person has an internet connection only then he is able to use the Whatsapp. One major issue is that a person gets so involved in the virtual world of Whatsapp that he even forgets who is sitting next to him, Which is very poor gesture when a person is sitting in public places.

End of the Line:

In a nutshell, Whatsapp is the best messaging app on the internet available at this moment if used properly. Almost every Human uses a smartphone, so if Whatsapp is used without taking it to the level of addictiveness then it can give you great results in a very little time.


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