Essay On Youtube – How Youtube Changing Our Lives

When Youtube was launched back in 2005, no one predicted that it would become a part of our everyday life, and change the way we do everything. It has revolutionized almost every sector or industry in world. From movies, to films, to education, to technology – you just name it. It has changed the way we cook, do exercises, or even travel.

Youtube has totally changed the overall outlook of how we perceive things. So, without much wasting time, let’s see some of the ways by which YouTube has been changing our lives.

Youtube Made Travelling Easy

There were times when you need to read books on distant places, far off lands and countries to know about the environment, the people, the culture of that place. You also need to watch documentaries as well. But, with the introduction of Youtube, knowing about a place has been far more easy.

With Youtube, you will now be able to see various countries’ culture, the people who live there, their living condition, etcetera – all by just a single click. It is indeed amazing to see Youtube being able to show us what it is like being in China, or Bhutan, or Bangladesh, or even any other countries that you have not been to. You can now observe and see and know about various monuments all over the whole, at the comfort of your home.

Youtube Helps Us To Discover People Whom We Don’t Know About

Singers like Shirley Setia have made a name for themselves, all by the help of Youtube. If you have a talent that you want to showcase to the whole world, Youtube is the perfect platform for content creators. If you upload a video today, showing off your amazing violin skills, and it gets more views and likes – you’ll obviously make a name for yourself overnight.

Before Youtube was there, content creators had no place on the internet, and you could not discover people that create content easily. But, now if you make unique content and use Youtube to promote it, you’ll surely get results.

Youtube Has Revolutionized Education And Entertainment

Back in the days, if you had to know about a certain subject or topic, you had to look through either various articles on the internet, read through Wikipedia or even read books. It was exactly not a pleasant experience. But, Youtube has introduced lectures, videos and even numerous study videos, on literally every topic you can find – making the whole process a lot more easy.

Same thing can be said for the entertainment industry as well. Back in the days, if we had to look up the trailer of a certain movie or its review, we had to rely on television commercials and shows. But, now with Youtube, we can watch reviews, previews, trailers, etcetera. anytime and anywhere.


Therefore, we can see easily see that, Youtube has been a crucial piece of the puzzle in our daily life. We are now so much dependent on Youtube nowadays, we hardly spend a day without it. Youtube has been a boon to the mankind. Many youtube alternatives available these days & Roar Tube highlights website is one of them if you want to use.

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