The Harmful Effects of Food Adulteration


Health depends on the amount of nutritional intake, which stands present in the varied food items. Slightest of the loss of nutritional value will mar the effect of food on the body.

These days, a lot of adulteration of food is happening and it has affected the lives of many.

But before we can know what that means let us first understand adulteration meaning when it comes to the food industry. Adulteration is merely the way of altering the composition of food items in such a manner that it loses the nutritional value.

The Harmful Effects of Food Adulteration

The Harmful Effects of Food Adulteration

The Harmful Effects of Food Adulteration

This is the major factor that has contributed to the degradation of health and people are succumbing to diseases. In relation to this, adulteration also leads to weakened immune system and troubling complications.

(1) Adulteration of Food using Chemicals

As a part of any food adulteration project, numerous forms of mineral oils are getting added to the food items that may result in paralysis or even cancer. For the pregnant ladies, consumption of adulterated food might lead to abortion or complexities in the brain of the child.

Apart from this, another thing to bring in the notice of people is that even the food colors added to the items can be hazardous to health. They may become the reason of allergies, liver damage, and even heart problems. Adulteration has been considered as one of the most serious threats to the health of people and requires them to be extra cautious in selecting food items.

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(2) Compromises in Food Hygiene

It is the constant race to excel and do profit-oriented business that enables shopkeepers to sell adulterated food. Well, the shine on the apples is resultant of adding the wax coating to its exteriors. Though, eating apples with the peel is nutritional; but, the wax coating is meant to affect the health.

The foremost thing to note is that adulteration of food is meant to change the composition of the food item making it highly impure. So, consuming them can be life-threatening at times. Each and every aspect of adulteration should be considered important in terms of dealing with the health. It is the zest to do hardcore business that shop keepers are using illegitimate ways of dealing with food adulteration.

(3) Lack of Healthy food and Safety Regulations in Fast Food Chains

The most troublesome thought associated with food adulteration is that it attacks the body slowly with varied forms of diseases. Food hygiene is compromised every time one sets foot at one of the numerous road side delis or drive-thrus.

The greed of fast food chains is such that they have not just stopped at taking away people’s livelihoods but also are now affecting the livelihoods of their customers.

Today, the scenario is such that people do not like to put efforts in cleaning and cooking food items because of their hectic schedules. So, it enabled them to resort to fast food and easily accessible items. And this aggravated the problem of diseases in people, which makes them run for doctors.


Certainly stating, the problem of food adulteration is increasing day by day and sufferers are intended to take medications as a part of their treatment. Nowadays, almost all the food items that a person is willing to purchase from the market have some or the other kind of contaminants that curtail on the nutritional value.

This makes them develop different kinds of health perils. So, it is always better to use food items carefully and clean them well for a healthy lifestyle. But we must speak out against the adulteration of food or else large stores and brick and mortar stores would never pay heed.

As customers, we vote with our wallets and unless we choose to support locally grown organic food from farmers markets and instil better food hygiene values among ourselves, we may forever be doomed to a life of eating contaminated food.

In fact, none can describe it better than the words of Mike Johanns, US Senator,

Food safety involves everybody in the food chain.

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