Essay on How To Be All Rounder

Stay Active

Staying active can promote our observations and as a result we can even notice tiny details of objects around us.We all can be all-rounder but our lifestyle made us so much busy that we forgot everything around us.

What is the difference between the people who remember the names of the restaurants to which they passed by, while going for shopping, party etc?? the major difference is awareness level .

How To Be All-Rounder

Engage In Local Activities

More we engage in local activities such as local clubs and politics; more we can become familiar to  different type of people and that’s a better way to become an all-rounder person. Such as if we start taking interest in surroundings we will start developing an interest in various fields to which initially you were bizarre.

Similarly, if we start talking to strangers in a bus or on the roadside when we are just free while traveling or walking we will start building extraordinary personality by understandings others opinion.

Start Enjoying other’s Hobbies

If we start taking interest in others interest even if for fun we will start developing extra observations apart from well-planned experience.

If a friend has told you to go on swimming with him you should go and should try it!! It will not harm you or give you any disadvantage but give you an experience.

Listen to Conversations at Home, locality or Friends

If we start developing this habit, we can become a keen observer, notice every single detail!! such as-

  • notice their way of talking
  • notice how two persons are treating each other
  • notice what kind of personality they carry
  • notice their posture while having a conversation.

Don’t Always Stick to Comfort Zone

If you think, you need be an extraordinary person then to achieve something you need to lose something.Keep yourself busy in doing something always can enhance your general awareness level.Don’t sit and waste your time even if you are free, consume that time reading the books of the authors you prefer to gain some new experiences by watching motivational shows, entertainment shows.

From many of the things you can learn, from which you have never thought of learning.Experiences can make you a well, curious and passionate thinker and observer and therefore you can become an all-rounder person.

Stretch Your Thinking

If you always think the same as initial, you will always be stucked at that position and never expand your thoughts.therefore,can never think different at different be all-rounder you should be a agile or of an adaptive behavior.

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