Importance of Technology- Technology Advantages

The first thing that strikes our mind after hearing the word ‘Technology’ is that it refers to smartphones, robots, automation, but the fact is everything which works to decrease our effort and reduce our time is known as Technology. We came across the various technical things but we do not notice anything. In this essay, we will discuss various aspects of technology. So without any further introduction let’s start the main aspect of this essay about the importance of technology.

Importance of Technology- Technology Advantages

Importance of Technology- Technology Advantages


Importance of Technology in Education Sector:

Technology plays a vital role in the field of education, especially in the life of students. Nowadays everything which is required for the proper education is attained through technology. Technology is required both at the teaching level as well as the learning level. Students can exchange their notes with the help of technology, the assignments and projects are now given online.

Many online exams take place which can be possible through technology. Students can clear their doubts whenever they want. Distance education is another application of technology which nobody would have imagined a decade before. The fact is that even the question papers for the exam are even sent on the spot through technology so that no one could leak the papers. The results of the exams are shown online so that everyone can see their respective results.

Importance of Technology in Commercial Sector:

When it comes to the commercial field, Technology has totally revolutionized the way of working, Payments are now paid online, even banking has been changed as the net banking is adopted by many users, ATM’s are now handy. People are using cards more fluently, shopping is done now in a cashless way due to the online shopping. The banking system is advanced, there are machines to check whether the currency is valid or not, the machines are setup inside the banks which automatically prints the passbook of the account holder.

Whole banking process has now been changed, credits to the technology. Traders and merchants now buy and sell products online which is quite easier rather than wandering to places for selling. Proper working of the MNC’s is possible only through technology. The product launch is now streamed live so that everyone could know which product is coming in the market and also at what price.


Importance of Technology in Administration Sector:

It is the Administration sector which has the greatest advantage of technology. All the important information and stuff is now totally safe as the transfer of data is now safer. All the information about security of a country can be saved and secured with the help of technology. Different weapons, machines are designed in order to strengthen the defence of the country. Intruders can be detected and killed before they could harm the common people. This all has been made possible only with the help of Technology.


Thus, in the end we can say that Technology is the need of  the hour and it has numerous advantages if used with proper guidance and if used for the development rather than the destruction. So it is the duty of each and every individual to use the Technology wisely and use it for the benefit of the society.



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