Growing Importance of Technology in Education

Introduction : Importance of Technology

Technology was developed with the intention to simplify life and its listed complications. Also, designed with the aim of empowering manhood to complete their tasks well before they are expected to, it has managed to makes it importance felt.

It tends to talk about altering of ideations into something tangible. Modernization is not meant only for those officialdoms and entities having a creative bent of mind; but also calls for the existence of systematic and technological aptitude.

Talking about technology in education, newer ways of learning methodologies are developed. It stands for the betterment of students and ensures excellent results.

Growing Importance of Technology in Education

Growing Importance of Technology in Education

Growing Importance of Technology in Education

In the field of education and School Technology, we find that computers, laptops and tablets have gained prevalence. Of course, education is something that needs a tremendous amount of focus and emphasis on the content delivered.

(1) Computers as Educational Technology

Newer ways of technology have triggered the objective of creating interactive classroom experiences. In fact, the scenario is such that PowerPoint presentations and projectors have taken the place of blackboards. This makes it less laborious for the teachers. They find it easy to make students understand the conceptual ideas in a better manner and create options for simplified learning procedures.

In fact, the brilliance of technological developments in education has improvised on the tutoring services too. Even, the online-based tutoring programs are made available that allow the students to grab extra knowledge about the subject matter and clarify their doubts without difficulty.

(2) Importance Of Educational Gadgets in the Modern Classroom

The tutors bring laptops to the classes that enable them to show examples more easily for abridged learning prospects. Along with this, advancements in educational technology are seen in the field of software development where subject-wise software is created to help the pupil learn difficult formulas. Online software like that of WebAssign allows students to submit their mathematical assignments with instant feedback.

(3) Increased Proliferation of Online Courses

As the technology has flourished, online courses have the power to dispense knowledge to more students than the classroom. In fact, handicapped students tend to benefit a lot from such ways because it is difficult for them to travel for getting an education.

Moreover, students willing to do part-time jobs or professionals busy in regular schedules can also avail the benefit of online mode of education. Education through online option allows students to study at their flexible time slot. And the biggest thing about grabbing knowledge online is its affordability factor as compared to classroom ones. Apart from the course fee, commuting and stationery expenses can be saved a lot too.

(4) Making Education More Interactive

One of the primary benefits of technology in education is the fact that students don’t have to just learn by reading about it anymore. To supplement practicals there are now interactive tools available to them like 3D rendering software that allows the chance for growing minds to have a more holistic approach to education.


Technology has managed to create wide options for students to gain education anywhere in the world. In fact, they do not need to travel for classes and make sure that right form of content is delivered to them. Each and every aspect of technology has proved to be wonderful.

As known, viewing is all about believing, students in the classrooms are shown examples related to their subject matter. The greatest gift that educational technology has given us is the scope to broaden the minds of the next generation beyond limits that we can perceive.

This makes them understand the chapter in a better manner. This is the reason that technological hold over education is one of the most fruitful gifts.

Summing it up in the words of the author George Couros

Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational

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