Essay on Laptop – Laptop Importance

Laptops are basically small portable personal computers having LCD or LED display fitted with an Alphanumeric keyboard in the form of a Clamshell. The word ‘Laptop’ is made from the word ‘Lap+Top’ means it can be used even in the lap of a person.

Laptops are basically light weighted, having a chargeable battery, built-in speakers, and webcam, and mouse fitted permanently in it. Hardware and Software specifications of a laptop may vary according to their companies, and their cost.

Laptop Essay

Laptop Essay

History – Essay on Laptop

The idea regarding the ‘Personal Computers ‘ was common in the year 1971, But the idea of ‘Portable Personal Computers was published for the first time in a newspaper in 1972 based on the imagination of Alan Kay in 1968. The first Commercially laptop (IBM 5100) was available in September 1975 based on SCAMP prototype. Since then, many advanced models appeared in the market by various companies.

Hard drives started to be used in laptops by late 1980s, Display resolution was enhanced during the period of 1988, and colored display became common in 1991. The touchpad was included in 1983, while the DVD drives and Bluray players were added in earlier part of the year 2000.


Types :

Laptops are classified into many different categories on the basis of their usage, field, cost, and features:

  • Traditional laptops: These are the most common type of laptops available in the market. Resembling the clamshell model with screen and keypad facing opposite to each other, foldable with an average battery life.
  • Subnotebook: These are highly portable devices with very lightweight less than 2kg. Their battery life is over 10 hours, The screen size is large so that it gives a look of a notebook. Although the size is small as compared to the traditional laptops.
  • Netbook: These are the types of laptops that are inexpensive, energy efficient, light in weight. As clear from its name, it is basically used for web designing and surfing the internet. It used Linux as its operating system but now the other variants are also made available in the market.
  • Hybrid: These are the convertible laptops which can be folded 360 degrees or can be detached and used as tablets. These are the advanced laptops and specially designed for youth who want the better angle of viewing the screen.
  • Desktop Replacement: These are not as mobile as other types of laptop, heavy as compared to others, Used for very extensive gaming, have very large hardware and integrated processors for fast usage.

  • Rugged: These are the laptops having high vibrations made for extreme usage in the extreme environmental surroundings. These are sold to organizations rather than individuals and are not directly available in the market.

  • Business: These are laptops built for high efficiency. The display resolution and sound quality are reduced for these kinds of laptops to increase its performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The laptops, like any other devices, have some pros and cons. The biggest advantage of using a laptop is that it is portable, it can be used instantly and at any time of the day, it is more powerful, has a chargeable battery. These are economical also as the power consumption is less as compared to the computers. The information on laptops is up to date as it is used in different places.

The disadvantages of a laptop are limited but can cause you in bigger trouble if not kept in mind. The laptops have frequent updates which can be quite frustrating, laptops are highly insecure as they can be easily stolen by thieves and the data can be misused by them, the customization of a laptop is also very difficult as they have fixed graphics and processor. Moreover, the durability is also less because it is carried to different places, so chances of accident and damage are higher as compared to computers.


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