Essay on Life

Essay on life: What life is all about

Writing an essay about life is certainly not an easy task. There are simply so many feelings associated with this one word. First of all, how would you define life? Is it the act of breathing, eating, defecating, and procreating? Or is it the act of struggling through one hurdle after another, setting goals, an achieving them? Is it about admiring the beauty inherent in everything, and immersing oneself in the sorrows that exist side by side?

A Short Essay on Life Essay

Essay About Life

The truth is, life is a bit of everything. It is about struggles and victories, happiness and depression, and empathy and indifference. It is about getting a chance to spend some time in this world.

Life is Everywhere

Jeff Goldblum’s character in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’ had a momentous and unforgettable line: ‘life finds a way’. The words are eminently true. Look around you and you will find life blossoming everywhere, in the direst of circumstances. There are hordes of little children playing about in the poverty stricken streets in the world.

There is new life blossoming among the animals in the form of cute little pups, cubs, and kittens. Everywhere you look, there is a celebration of life. A new child is heralded with much joy in the poorest of households, and the family does its best to take care of the new life unfurling in front of their eyes. Plants grow in the roughest of terrains, and survive the harshest of weathers

Life is Tough

The beauty of life is inherent in the million possibilities it holds within itself. Once you are born, you are presented with a million choices. The world is your oyster; you can be anything you want to be. Of course, what you want will not be presented to you in a silver platter; you will have to pay for it with your sweat, tears, and blood.

Life is beautiful, but it certainly is not easy. And therein lies its mystery and beauty. Think of how boring life would actually become if you could achieve everything at the snap of your fingers. If you did not have to work for anything, there would be no anticipation, and no attachment and value to what you have got. You would take everything for granted, because you would never know what it is like to actually want for something.

A price for Everything

Life surely does not come easy. In fact, she is such a tough boss that nothing she gives is unadulterated. Loss lies only a step way from achievement, and defeat is only on the other side of victory. Yu can never forget your sorrows even when you are ridiculously happy, and there is a very thin line between sympathy and indifference. Every good thing comes at a high price. In your attempt to secure the perfect job and the highest salary, you have probably sacrificed countless evenings with your family, or have forfeited having a family altogether.

Maybe you have enough money to go on exotic trips every few months, but there is no one to share the experience with. Maybe the love for a simple life has caused you to forfeit a good many opportunities, and earned you hardships in life and contempt from fellow humans. No matter what you have wanted and achieved, you have probably lost a good deal for its sake as well.

The Purpose of Life

So what is the purpose, you may ask, of doing anything at all? The answer is simple: happiness. Happiness comes at a price, but it is its reward in itself. If what you have achieved in life makes you happy, the there is no reason to regret it. Some regrets will always be there, but that itself is the bittersweet charm of life, and that longing is what keeps us going in life. Imagine what it would be like if your life had suddenly become perfect, and you had everything anyone could possibly hope for.

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What if all your goals have been achieved, all your desires met, and you life were nothing but perfection? What would be your impetus going forward? It is the dissatisfactions, small or big, that keep us pushing firth with renewed zeal. If no goal is in sight, life truly loses meaning and we simply become animated machines going through the motions of being alive.

Final Thoughts 

Surviving is so different from being alive. Being alive means to truly experience life around you, to take an active part in everything that is happening around you. You are only truly alive when you have immersed yourself in the experiences life has to offer, when you strongly feel and respond to the sorrows, joys, excitements, and disappointments that life has to offer. It is after all is eclectic mix that makes life such an exciting ride. We are on the ride for a very short time, and must make the most of it while we are given the chance.

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