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Introduction: Mahatma Gandhi – father of the nation

The person who followed the path of non-violence when everybody around him chose violence. Someone who fought alone for the freedom of an entire nation, without even fighting. Here, we provide a short essay on Mahatma Gandhi; the father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi often called as Bapu, all over India, has been known for his patience, nonviolent nature and his remarkable role in the freedom of the country; India. Something that is extremely essential to mention here in this essay on Mahatma Gandhi is his reluctant patriotism towards the mother of the entire nation India.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Life history

Mahatma Gandhi is a shortened version of Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi. He was the leader of the freedom fighters of India during the nationalism against the British rule. It’s really sad that even after doing numerous of things for this country, Mahatma Gandhi’s life and history is still unknown to a lot of children and even the adults.

People that are always curious know about this extremely delightful personality often look up and search the internet to get information about him and hence, search the google with Mahatma Gandhi essay or, Mahatma Gandhi Biography or short essay on Mahatma Gandhi.

He was born in the small town situated in Gujarat, named Porbandar in the year 1864. Mahatma Gandhi got assassinated by a Hindu activist, named Nathuram Godse. Bapu was born on 2nd October 1869 and years later; this day is a national day in the country today. This day is known as the government holiday in the country, and all the schools, institutions, offices and local market are closed all over the country. Most often the students studying in school are also asked to write an essay on

Mahatma Gandhi and most of them do write very amazing Mahatma Gandhi essay. It is also a dry day in the entire nation on the day of Bapu’s birthday. He is also given another name of “martyr of India” by Rabindranath Tagore and the day, he was assassinated is now called as the martyr’s day which is on the 30th January.

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Mahatma – A great personality

Mohan Das Karam Chandra Gandhi has been given the name of ‘Mahatma’ which means a great personality, which he indeed was. He was a law graduate from the England after which he also went to pursue his studies higher to the South Africa.

He became the victim of racism because of having dark colored skin and was discriminated by that. This event left a great impact on his mind and hence, he decided to become a political activist so that he could take some actions to drive such unfair activities far away.

Mahatma Gandhi Biography

Mahatma Gandhi Biography

Milestones in Indian freedom

He worked very meticulously to achieve the freedom against the British rule in India. He walked through the path of non-violence, very often his disciplines still follow the Gandhigiri. While working towards the freedom of the country India, he brought up and fought peacefully for some different issues.

Some of the milestones in the journey to the independence of India include the Salt march that took place in Dandi, the Quit India movement, Poorna Swaraj, satyagraha and much more. Bapu has worked peacefully in each of the mentioned political activities.

He got the biggest recognition in the country when his pictures were printed on the currency of India. Today, on the internet you can find a lot of Mahatma Gandhi essays on the internet which will enlighten you even more about this very respectable personality of the nation. We have tried to put in words, the wisdom and the hard work of the father of the nation; India through the help of this Essay on Mahatma Gandhi.

“you must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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