Essay on Motivation – How to Motivate Yourself

What is motivation ?

According to Wikipedia, motivation is described as the reason or the impetus for doing something. It is what keeps us going, and keeps us setting new goals for our lives an achieving them. We need a certain amount of motivation to do everything in life; even though it may seem ridiculous to most, we do need motivation to perform the simples of tasks like waking up in the morning and eating a proper meal.

Motivation Essay

Motivation Essay

A good test of this is someone who has recently lost a job – he would likely wake up late and feel lethargic most of the day. The reason is very simple; he does not need to go to work, and hence does not have any motivating factor to wake up in the morning and perform daily tasks at home.

What Keeps us Motivated ?

Virtually anything can be a motivating factor for you. Maybe you are looking forward to going on a trekking tip with your friends. If the trip requires climbing mountainous roads on foot for long distances, it would be the motivating factor for you to get into shape.

We aim at getting good grades throughout school because we have the motivation of getting into a reputed college or university, or cracking an incredibly competitive entrance examination. We dress well and groom ourselves because we wish to be appreciated by others and feel pleased about ourselves.

We do our best at job interviews because we know that success and financial freedom await at the end of the journey. The list goes on and on; there is always something or the other that motivates us when we undertake an activity.

Steps to Stay Motivated

Yet, sometimes, we find ourselves without a reason to continue. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to carry on when we face setbacks. In such cases, we fail to see the final goal, and then it becomes important to regain motivation for continuing on our journey.

Motivation is primarily a self help process. The first thing that you need to do is understand that you have fallen into a rut of aimless wandering. How you motivate yourself depends entirely on you; you might look for motivational speakers, you might read something that motivates you, or you might simply embark on a journey of self discovery.

Here, we have underlined some simple steps for finding motivation to carry on with your life.

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On Losing Someone

If we have been engaged in physically caring for a person or an animal for a long time, the death of the entity concerned results in a lack of motivation. We might feel as though our purpose in life is over, and there is no reason to go on. It is important to look at the bright side, and understand that we did our best and made their lives as comfortable as we possibly could.

On Unemployment

Sudden unemployment is a huge debilitation, especially for people who have been working for a long time. Demotivation can lead to a complete disruption of normal life. In such cases, it is motivating to evaluate our performance and pinpoint what we did wrong, and take steps to hone and better our employability. It is also motivating to take a break from work, if possible, and engage in learning new skills that will increase our employability.

On a Breakup

The termination of a romantic relationship can be a great setback for us. To get out of the rut, it is important to focus on the good times, and understand the mistakes made in the relationship that ultimately out an end to it. It is motivating to learn about our mistakes and know that they will not be repeated by the improved us. 

In the Long Term

If the feeling of lack of motivation persists for a long time, it always helps to speak to a close friend. Sometimes, it also helps to introspect, and possibly reset life goals. There is no harm in changing or tweaking life goals because that is what keeps the journey interesting.


The feeling of losing motivation and a reason to go on is commoner than you may think. There can be anything that leads to this state of limbo- a setback at work, the loss of a friend or family member, the termination of a relationship, or even an unkind comment made by someone that matters.

In moments like this, it might feel as though it is completely pointless to go on. In situations like these, it is important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that there is no reason to stop simply because there has been a setback; a small detour will be good enough.

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