Positive and Negative Effects of Reality TV Shows

Reality shows have become part of our lives for many of us. The TV channels are flooded with many of them, and we’re free to choose any number of shows depending on our tastes and interests.

Reality TV Shows

Reality TV Shows

But have you ever bothered to sit back for a while and think about the effects of these shows on yourself? Or maybe on a broader note, the impact of such shows on the society? Here we’ll try to take a look at all the positive and negative effects of reality shows on us and our society. Let’s begin:

Positive Effects of Reality Shows

Giving a platform to new artists

For many artists, reality shows have turned out to be the turning points in their lives. They allow talented youngsters to show their talent to the rest of the world and thus attain the stardom that they always aspired to attain. There’re many artists who became well-known celebrities only after their entries in reality shows.

A platform for social issues

When made around good and genuine social issues like povertyracism And discrimination. Reality shows can also become a very powerful channel to drive the waves of change. By allowing social issues to be discussed on a platform as big as TV they can allow the debate around any issue to get intensified, which can then result in a solution. In fact, there have already been many instances of that.

The rise in donations for social welfare

As real-world problems are discussed in reality TV shows, that discussion can sometimes also give a boost to the donations for fixing those problems. The increased donation can then be used to fix the problem more quickly.

Negative Effects of Reality Shows

Rise of indecent behavior among teens

While they may be named reality shows, their reality is that they’re planned well in advance. The director of show decides all the drama which has to take place during the shows, and then that pre-scripted drama unfolds according to the wish of the director.

The drama often includes bizarre fights and activities, unnecessarily lower level of competition between the players and basically everything that can generate sensation. However, all this drama gives rise to indecent behavior among teens, who usually lack the ability to judge things objectively.


There’ve been many incidents when some teens/kids tried some sort of stunt shown in a reality show and died on the spot or reached hospital. Teenagers don’t realize that the stunts being done in the reality shows are performed under controlled environments with complete precautionary measures in place. They just go ahead with those stunts in their real lives and put themselves into big troubles.

Increased use of foul language

As I said above, sensationalism is one of the key goals that directors of reality shows try to achieve for attracting more and more viewers. To achieve sensationalism those directors often also ask the players to indulge in below the belt behavior, like abusing each other. However, since kids and teens don’t know what’s going on behind the screens, they start using those foul words in their day-to-day lives. Reality shows are one of the reasons why abuses have become so common in our society.

Increased stress among kids and teenagers: As kids and teenagers get more and more involved with these shows, they get less time for their studies, which increases the level of stress among them.


Reality shows can be a very powerful platform for new talent and social issues both, but they’ve been ruined by the TV channels for the sake of profit and TRP. It’s better to avoid watching such TV shows because they can do more harm than good to our society.

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