How Smartphones Affect our Brain

We have become a technology driven generation who rely on smartphones, computers, and internet for performing the daily day-to-day tasks.

How Smartphones Affect our Brain

How Smartphones Affect our Brain

Gadgets such as smartphones has helped by connecting with your loved ones who are miles away from us and bringing zillion of services cumulatively in one device, but smartphones have changed the way human beings are supposed to live.

Smartphones are known to affect our brain and health in ways one could have never even imagined of. As per recent studies it has been found that prolonged use of smartphones have negative affect on our health and particularly our brain. Wondering how this small gadget could be disastrous to you? Have a look at some facts and find out how smartphones affect our brain.

No More Social Interaction

Using smartphones affect the way we interact with other people. It not only changes that way we communicate with our friends but is also known for mood kill. If you are sitting with your friends and all of a sudden you hear an app notification, your attention is gone from the people in front of you.

This in turn is having a negative impact on one’s personality as they are not able to socialize and connect with people. It has also been seen that some people become part of social anxiety with prolonged use.

Poor Memory

We can use smartphones, the features it provides in order to capture some amazing moments and store them with us so that we can rejoice them later on and keep them in our memory forever, however smartphones also have a direct effect on our memory. We are dependent on smartphones for even the little things such as a phone number which stops us from thinking about it and saving it in our brain.

We simply don’t want to use our brain to learn a phone number as we know the contact is saved on our smartphone and we can access it anytime with a single tap.

Poor Inductive Reasoning

If we are not sure about anything we can simply hit the Internet, open Google and start looking for that query by entering it in Google as we know that the right answer is just few clicks away. Google or Internet helps us in a way in resolving our queries but it backfires us in a way we can’t even think of. As here also we are relying on Google to solve our queries, we are not using our brain or are not trying to solve the problems which we are facing all by ourselves.

As we are not able to get answers to the queries by ourselves, it affects us when we are trapped in real life situations and we don’t have access to Google or Internet. We trust blindly on what’s written on the Internet and don’t even think if that’s right or not.

negative effect of smartphones on brain

Negative effect of smartphones on brain

Negative affect of smartphones can not only be seen on our brain but also on our physical health. Smartphones have made our lives convenient without any doubt but this convenience and getting everything at your fingertips has made us lazy and big time procrastinators. Here are some facts which will tell you how smartphones affect our physical health.

Weight Gain

We can access anything we love like movies, games, and order food using our mobile phones. All we have to do is tap few buttons on our screen and we will get whatever we wanted. This is convenient but it has its own price.

As we are not moving to do the things which we were supposed to do, it leads to fat accumulation on our body due to no physical activity and which in turn leads to weight gain and we all know that excessive body weight is just the beginning of chronic illness.

Poor Sleeping Patterns

It is known that smartphones and gadgets affect our sleeping patterns. Using gadgets one hour prior to sleep leads to less melatonin production which in turn leads to wide open eyes when we are lying on the bed trying to sleep.

Smartphones have made us their slaves and there are disadvantages of these devices more than their merits. What do you think about the points which we discussed above? Do let us know using the comments section below.

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