Essay on Smoking- Causes and Effects of Smoking

Smoking refers to the method of burning a substance like Tobacco, drugs etc, and inhaling the resultant smoke. It has become very common and fashionable especially among the young generation. This habit mainly starts in the teenage, when the teenagers wanted to do new experiments in life. Despite the fact, they know that smoking is injurious to health but still they are puffing the smoke and giving the invitation to many acute and chronic diseases.

It is strange that teenagers puff these cigarettes for the sake of society, to prove that they are now adult. but, this, in turn, turns out to be the most foolish decision for their life. In this essay, I’ll mention some of the causes and effects of smoking.

Essay on Smoking- Causes and Effects of Smoking

Essay on Smoking- Causes and Effects of Smoking

Causes of Smoking:

Before going further in my essay, I’ll suggest you should review the terms like hypertension, stress, etc. to get a better idea about the essay. There are different causes of smoking but the most ridiculous of all of them is the habit of smoking-caused due to fun and curiosity. Teenagers always wanted to show that they are grown up now, which leads to going at every level of destruction, they start smoking with their friends’ sharing single with many and slowly developing their own habit of smoking.

They think that smoking is the sign of maturity but how can a person be called mature who knows that smoking is injurious to health but still smokes. The main reason of smoking in the adult age may be found as the result of workload that is too much on them, it maybe heart-break or some sort of stress related to their carrier. These are the various reasons or causes of smoking.


Effects of Smoking:

As I’m mentioning from the beginning of the essay that smoking is injurious to health. So, let’s discuss what type of diseases it can cause to our body. First of all, Smoking is so addictive that it can cause a great stress if the addict is not given the stress. The addicts can even kill someone if he/she is not given the cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a slow poison it is the major cancer-causing agent present in cigarettes.

Many lungs problems can also arise due to smoking as the polluted air is inhaled by the lungs resulting in lung cancer also. Heart-problem is also a big issue which can be a result of smoking too much. About 15 percent of smokers are the victim of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Smoking has different effects on different types of people, depending upon there exposure to chemicals. It also weakens the bone density, infects the blood and also results in many stomachs problems.

Need of the Hour:

At the end of the essay, I would only suggest that the use of cigarettes should be minimized or totally boycotted. Even though the government raises the cost of cigarettes every year but still there is no drop in the consumption of the Cigarettes. It’s high time that we should start thinking about our health and avoid ourselves and even stop others from consuming cigarettes.

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