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Sophia Robot: More Than Just a Robot

The moment we start imagining about robots, the first thing that struck our mind is that they will be looking like heavy machinery with un foldable hand and legs, “ok sir, ok sir” freaking things which eat our electricity and do our work.

Sophia Robot

Sophia Robot

But the invention of SOPHIA has proved all our thinking wrong, it has been created beyond our imagination.She is a humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics, a company of Hong Kong.

She was the first time started on the 19th of April,2015. however, it took almost a year for Sophia to make its first public appearance in the US.She is no less than a human has it can show you 62 different facial expressions.Sophia traveled across the globe, became a participant in many high-level interviews and was asked various questions in order to check the range of thoughts of artificial intelligence.

Sophia has already achieved abundant of prestige as she was the first robot to receive citizenship of any country (Saudi Arabia in 2017).She is also the first non-human to get the United Nations title of First-ever innovative champion.


Hanson Robotics who created Sophia joined hands with many AI developers which included Google also as Google built the voice recognition and SingularityNET which empowers the brain of Sophia.

The robot is modeled after the famous actress Audrey Hepburn and is best in terms of human-like appearance as compared to the previous other robots.The main three key feature that she uses is artificial intelligence, Visual data processing, and Facial recognition.She is also able to imitate various human gestures and human expressions.

She can converse like normal human beings and is designed to get better time to time.Sophia has 7 Robo Siblings and one of her fellow robots passed a college course last year on philosophy and love.


Computers algorithm combined with the cameras of the eyes of Sophia help her to see.She is able to recognize individuals, can make eye contact and follow the faces.

Google’s Voice recognition technology made her possible to converse and speak.A new upgrade of functional legs and walking ability was made in starting of this year.The main basic thing about Sophia is that she is working on the concept of computer program ELIZA, an attempt made earlier in the field of simulation of human conversation.The information is stored in the form of cloud network and using various block chains.

Sophia could be very useful in the field of healthcare, therapy and education as it is constantly trained in the labs, it is expected to get better results in the future.


The invention of Sophia could be considered the best in the category of robots, however, some consider it as not ideal. The scientist believes that it is not possible to consider it as a human equivalent but however it is getting closer day by day.

There is still a lot to be discovered in the field of artificial intelligence but Sophia can be considered as a first big milestone.However, it’s creation can cause scarcity of jobs in the work sector but it also can increase the precision and level of professionalism also.

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