Essay On Tea- Favorite Indian Beverage

We Indians are well known to a beverage, Tea. Even, we start our day with Tea.  All of us consumes Tea to great extent.

History of Tea

Tea has its origin in China. Tea was discovered in 2737 BCE by the herbalist, Shennong(who is represented as the father of Chinese medicine and agriculture). He tasted and done experiments on many forest herbs, also he tasted Tea leaves to know the medicinal effects.
Always, Shennong likes to drink boiled water so that it will be cleaned. One day he went for a long journey to some place along with his servants.
In the journey, they went on rest and Shennong asked his servant to make hot drink incidentally, bushes of dead wild tea leaves poured into the boiled water and when served to the Herbalist he felt refreshment of the Tea and that day TEA is discovered.

Essay On Tea- Favorite Indian Beverage

Essay On Tea- Favorite Indian Beverage

Style of making Tea in Early days

In Early days, Tea was produced and processed in bricks. Tea Brick was taken in a stone mortar and beaten until it becomes powder and then boiled water is added and the Beverage is ready to drink.

Agriculture of TEA

Tea irrigation and plantation should be done under very accurate manner because once, something went wrong plant will get a permanent setback.
Tea should be grown in the temperatures,20 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it can damage the growth of the plant.
Tea plant growth required approximately rainfall in the area 150cm to 300cm in the whole year.
Quality of Tea is determined by the atmosphere and soil quality in which it is grown.
Soils that are rich in iron and humidity are considered as the best for the Tea growth. The wonderful flavor of the Tea is due to the potash and phosphorous present in the soil.
Soil should be acidic in nature and PH required is in the range of 4.5 to 5.5.
The heavy rains time period should be avoided, therefore, plantation of Tea should be from April to June, September to November

Mostly it is planted in  Asia, Africa, South America, and around the and Caspian and Black Seas.

Highest production about 75 percent(combine production of the four countries) of the Tea is produced in  China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya


Good and Bad Effects

Good one

1. Tea contains antioxidants and magnesium compounds which helps to maintain stamina and immunity to fight against many diseases.
Also, it keeps our weight in balance.

2. In some researches, it is found that if we intake one cup of Tea daily, it will minimize the risk of ovarian cancer.

3. If we take three to four cups of Tea daily then it will take down the risk of “type 2 diabetes“.

4. There are mainly four types of Tea from which Green Tea is considered the healthiest Tea.
People who intake Green tea twice or thrice a daily they have the lower risk of Cancer, Heart diseases, acne.
It lowers the rate of risk to 32 percent of LDL cholesterol.
Green Tea also helps in the freshness of mouth.

5. A stress-inducing test has been taken for research purposes and it has found that people who drunk Tea before experiment having the low stress in comparison to who doesn’t intake Tea.

6. Generally, Tea contains a small amount of caffeine in comparison to coffee even some herbal Tea leaves don’t contain any caffeine like-Teeccino. It has a taste like coffee but is natural.
This Tea gives you a boost of energy like other TEA but doesn’t contain Caffeine.

Bad one

1. Do not drink too much hot Tea, Over 70 degrees Celsius because it can cause esophageal cancer(food pipe cancer)

2. A disease named Osteofluorosis in which bones in our body becomes weak and started destroying, this is due to the reason who drink a lot of Tea.

3. A research from the” University of Glasgow”, People who drink more than seven cups of Tea have the more risk of Prostate Cancer than the people who drink no Tea or 2 to 3 cups of Tea.
Other factors are also concluded in the research like family history, diet, age etc.

4. If you are sensitive to Caffeine then it should be avoided in taking too much Tea because it can cause heart rate increase, stress, anxiety and panic attacks.
Caffeine is useful in alertness, the increase of energy but it should be taken in required quantity.


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