Essay on Teacher’s day – A day devoted to Teachers

5 th of September is known as a very important day in India. This day is celebrated nationally as the teacher’s day. On this day, the efforts and hard work that a teacher does for the student is appreciated.

This day is celebrated for thanking the most important people in our lives. It is celebrated in various ways in different parts of the country. With the help of this Teacher’s day essay, we will enlighten you about this beautiful day. History behind the teacher’s day.

History behind the Teacher’s Day

5 th September is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Ramakrishnan, who was an amazing teacher and taught a lot of students during his career. He was devoted highly towards getting an education to the students and believed in spreading knowledge amongst all.

He was an all-rounder being a diplomat, the president of the India, a scholar, and the most importantly a teacher. When became the president of the India, most of his students wanted his birthday to be celebrated in India, to which he said that his birthday should be celebrated as the ‘teacher’s day’ in India.

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He chose his birthday to be celebrated as the teacher’s day as he was more inclined towards the education and had a flair for teaching. A lot of students wrote a lot of essay on Teacher’s day at that time.

Essay on Teacher’s day

Essay on Teacher’s day

Dr. Sarvepalli Ramakrishnan was an amazing teacher, and he is known for spending 40 years of his life as a teacher. He very well understood the role and his importance of a teacher in the life of an individual and hence, he was the first person to teach the students about the importance of teachers in the life.

He has taught as a teacher in many universities of India as well as abroad and was extremely hardworking and dedicated to his work during his professional life. He was born on the 5 th of September 1888 and started off his teaching career at the age of 21, at Presidency college 1909 in Chennai.

Dr. Radhakrishnan taught philosophy in many universities situated in Chennai, Mysore, Banaras, Oxford, Kolkata and much more. He was quite dedicated and worked hard in his career and considering this he was appointed as the Chairman of the University Grants Commission in the year 1949.

This was done to appreciate his hard work and his efforts in making better a lot of student’s lives. It was in the year 1962 that his birthday got recognition and the nation started celebrating as the teacher’s day. He passed away after serving this country for a long time in the year 1975.

Importance of Teacher’s in Life

Teachers are the second most helpful people in the world from our parents. They are the most important pillars of life that teach us the most important lessons both academically and behaviorally. Teachers are like the potters or the diamond miners, that create art out of small and simple things; clay and a stone respectively.

We all have had teachers in our lives but did we appreciate them ever? No! And hence, we have brought you this teacher day essay. A good teacher can help you achieve the highest limits of the sky and can help you build and sculpt a better and a more beautiful future.

A teacher lights up thousands of lamps of knowledge and education in the life of their students to brighten up the life and career of the students as well as the entire nation. “one book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

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