How Technology Impacts Sleep Quality

We rely on our smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets daily as they have become part of our lives and have made us their slaves. The first thing which most people do as they wake up has a good look of their mobile phone and find out new updates on their social media accounts.

Technology has helped us in many ways but it is having many negative impacts too with one being the impact of technology on sleep quality. We already described how technology affects relationships as well.

It is seen that if you are using gadgets a lot such as smartphones, laptops or computers, it affects sleep quality. Playing games on a computer late night, or using your laptop or mobile phone to watch movies often leads to a restless sleep.

There are many negative effects of technology on sleep quality and finding out what these are will definitely leave you in a state of shock.

Less Melatonin Production

Our smartphones, laptops, and computers emit blue light which stops production of Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone present in the human body which is responsible for controlling our sleep and waking up cycle. The amount of melatonin in our body is directly proportional to our sleep quality.

How Technology Impacts Sleep Quality

How Technology Impacts Sleep Quality

If less melatonin is produced in our body, it will be difficult for us to sleep peacefully.

Many people tend to use laptops, smartphones one hour within sleep time which leads to less melatonin production. It is often said that if one wants a peaceful sleep, they should stop using gadgets at least half an hour prior sleeping.

If you want to get into deep sleep mode then the best thing which you can do is convert your room in a no-technology zone where there are no gadgets.

Alert Brain

So you are using your laptop to reply to few remaining emails of work or are busy watching the movie which you are so fond of. In doing all these activities you are using your brain. This is how technology is affecting your sleep quality. As you are keeping your brain engaged, you are asking it to stay awake when you should be in the complete rest zone.

If you are using Facebook and find something exciting then oh boy, your dopamine levels are going to be all high and your energy will be at top of the world which is going to make it difficult for you to get a rest full sleep.

We are surrounded by technology during our entire day which is why it is advised that one should stay away from TV, laptops or any gadgets prior 2-3 hours of sleep which in turn will help in mind relaxing.

It is also believed that smartphones affect our brain more than radio or television. If a person is addicted to their smartphone, they lose the ability to make decisions and gather reasonable thoughts. It is our duty to keep our brain distracted from these things other than getting distracted from good night sleep which it deserves after all day hustle it has gone through.

Your Wake Up Call

If you are not using your mobile phone before sleeping then also it can hinder your sleep. We get text messages, calls, notifications all the times and if you have kept your mobile phone right next to you before going to sleep any notification is definitely going to wake you up which will in result destroy your sleep.

How Technology Impacts Sleep Quality

How Technology Impacts Sleep Quality

Later in the morning, we end up pressing the snooze button which makes us sleepy all day long. One should keep note that their smartphone is either on silent or is not near their bed so that they can’t be disturbed and can have a good night sleep. If you are a parent and your kids are using mobile phones, then you can restrict use of smartphones late night hours.

Technology has helped us in many ways but it is also having negative effects on our health in ways which we can’t even imagine. Keeping few things in mind we can have a good night sleep and ensure that we wake up charged the next day.

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