How Technology Makes Us More Alone

Intro : How Technology Makes Us More Alone

We use different social networking websites to connect with our friends, meet new people. With just few clicks we can get in touch with people and start chit chatting with them but have you ever come across a situation when you see green dots right next to few names in your Facebook account but you are feeling lonely?

Technology has helped us in connecting with millions of people, accessing huge chunks of information digitally with just few keystrokes but it is true that Technology is making us alone day by day.

How Technology Makes Us More Alone

How Technology Makes Us More Alone

We are surrounded with technology. It doesn’t matter if we are at our home, out for a dinner at a hotel, you will see some sort of gadget hovering around waiting for you to get your eyes laid on it. Social Media websites have helped us in connecting with people who are miles away from us but this act of bringing us close to our friends is in fact making us lonely.

We don’t want you to scratch your head thinking how technology makes us more alone so we will explain it with few examples. We use a mobile phone daily and in fact we spend nearly half of our day scrolling Facebook feed, checking YouTube for lame videos and playing games maybe. This addiction of smartphones restrict us from getting connected with our family members, the people who are living around us as we have our eyes laid on the attractive blue screen.

Keep smartphones aside for a moment and let’s talk about Virtual Reality. So now the geeks want us to experience our surroundings virtually? The concept of virtual reality goes by experiencing anything like the Himalayas by putting a big box in front of your eyes virtually instead of visiting The Himalayas for a vacation with your family. What’s the fun in using a VR Gear to enjoy Mother Nature? Sitting in your room, and using a VR gear all by yourself and getting happy by having a quick peak of sceneries is going to make you lonely and feel sad for sure.

Essay on Technology Makes Us More Alone

Essay on Technology Makes Us More Alone

If we talk about 10 years back, the entire family used to sit in the dining or living room to have dinner with TV turned on, but this scenario has changed entirely. Now TV’s are part of each room in a house and we like watching different shows which we interest us without letting anyone join us.

We are not spending time watching movie, TV shows with our siblings, parents as we have the option to sit back in our room and become a couch potato alone.

You are at a restaurant and ordered a dish. What is the first thing you are going to do? Click a photo of that dish because you want to upload it on Instagram. You are out on a trip with your family or are having a brunch, what is the first thing you do as soon as you enter the hotel?

You Check-in on your Facebook account to let people know that you have visited this new city. All this is going to get you few likes or give you a sudden dose of dopamine but in reality this is the stepping stone towards making loneliness part of our lives as instead of enjoying the moment with our family, friends we are busy updating our social media handles.

Technology has surpassed expectations of Human Beings but it has also failed us in ways we would have never thought of. What are your views on Technology making us lonely or any other effect of technology on your personal life/Sleep Quality/Job? Do you agree with us? Do tell us in comments below.

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