How Technology Affects Relationships

Who would have thought that it was possible to get information about any query using internet or our modern day gadgets? We can retrieve chunks of information digitally just by pressing few keystrokes thanks to Internet.

Our lives are revolving around Technology and it would be right to say that we have become slaves of gadgets, social media websites and the INTERNET. Everything has its pros and cons and Technology also has some.

As we humans are becoming addicted to Internet, Instagram, Facebook, it is affecting our relationships.

How Technology Affects Relationships

How Technology Affects Relationships

#How Technology Affects Relationships

Less Offline Interaction

Internet is accessible to everyone. Cellular companies are providing attractive data plans which is making possible for everyone to access internet using their smartphones. People of all ages, mostly adults are busy surfing the web, slouching all day long on social media websites doing nothing.

In short Internet, our gadgets have become a drug for us which is affecting our quality of relationships. It is easy to interact with people on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as all one has to do is simply click on a chat button and send a message.

While it is a convenient way of interacting with people, making new friends, it can also be a trouble when you meet a new person as you don’t know how to begin the conversation.


Do you remember the last time you were having dinner with your loved ones with your smartphones in your pocket? Smartphones have become distractions for us as even if we try to begin a conversation, a message notification will prompt you to pick your phone and find out what that text is all about.

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Instead of spending time with the people which are right in front of us, we end up getting distracted and reading the Whatsapp messages, Facebook Notifications which are of no use.


Social Media Websites are addictive. We think so much what the other person has to say about our photo, video uploads that we end up thinking about it all day long.

Heavy usage of social media is known to affect the mental state of a human being which in turn affects our relationships with people around us. Have you ever upload a photo on your social media account and ever thought what if I don’t get likes on this photo upload, status update? Studies have also found that people who use social media a lot are associated with depression.

The Dangers

So you are chatting with your friend and get a text such as LOL or LMAO or some smileys. Just ask yourself, when you were sending smiley or something like LMAO were you even laughing or happy at that time? The real laugh of a human being is no substitute for smileys or emoticons.

It is easy to confront people on social media and say whatever you think but when you are in confronting a person face-to-face you get uncomfortable. This is a major disadvantage of social media and technology which is upon us human beings.

We are not able to express our emotions the way we express when we are meeting someone in person. This will limit the bond which we could have with our loved ones if we interacted with them in person.

If we use Technology, Internet the way it is supposed to use, we can get the best out of it. It depends on us if we want to get enslaved to our smartphones and lose our loved ones.

Give time to your friends, loved ones because in-person interaction is the key to healthy relationships.

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