Essay On USA

As clear from its name the USA, a federal republic which is a collaboration of 50 total states, a federal state with 5 major self-governing territories and with many other prized possessions. The USA has a total area of 3.8 million square miles that is 9.8 km square and has a population of over 325 million. The USA is the 3rd or 4th largest nation by area and has many popular territories like Puerto Rico, American Suam, Guam, Northern Mariana Island.

Washington DC is the capital of the USA. Due to its large size, it almost includes all the climate types. The USA has over 428 mammal species, 784 bird species, 311 reptiles, 295 amphibian and 91000 insects. Bald Eagle is the national bird as well as the national animal of USA. Let’s proceed further on the topic essay on USA.

Essay On USA

Essay On USA


History: Essay On USA

The first migrants who entered North America were from Siberia around 15000 years ago. It was the Clovis culture that appeared around 11000 bc. Spain sent Columbus on his first voyage to the new world in 1492. He reached Puerto Rico in 1493. People of Spain settled in Florida and New Mexico. The French also entered the new world and settled along the Mississippi River. Every colony has major settlers in small farmers role however, industries developed later on.

Tobacco, rice, and wheat were the cash crops. Industries grew up in the field of extraction such as furs, fishing, and lumber. America supplied one-seventh of world total iron supply. By the year 1732, 13 colonies became the United State of America having local governments in all different colonies.

Independence, Expansion and Reconstruction Era:

Americans fought the first war of independence against Europeans due to their concept of Republicism. Their main motive was no taxation without representation. Then after the famous LEE revolution, it was 2 July 1776 when they adopted the actual vote for independence. The Second Continental Congress adopted Independence on July 4. But the British accepted the independence after their defeat in Yorktown in 1781. The Peace treaty was signed in 1783 and the constitution was written in 1787.

The difference in the thinking level regarding slavery of Africans and African Americans led to the famous Civil War. But with Abraham Lincoln coming to power in 1860, many amendments were adopted and about 4 million African Americans were given citizenship, Still, there were many protests against this but the condition was under control by 1877.


World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II:

The US remained neutral in the first world war during the period of 1914-1917.however later on the US joined the power of Alies to turn the table against the central power. At the ending of the war, The president Wilson took a real diplomatic step by organizing Paris Peace conference in order to join the League of Nations, however, Senate refused to join and refused again in the treaty of Versailles. In the year 1929, the Great Depression struck and all wealth and finance of the country got disturbed, however, after the election in 1932, President Roosevelt started the social security system which led to the migration of millions of African Americans out of South America.

America again remained neutral at the beginning of second world war however when Germany conquered much of continental Europe then the US started supplying allies the war material and acted as the fourth policeman. As the allies won in Europe in 1945, US dropped a nuclear bomb in Japan forcing them to surrender on September 2, also known as victory day.

After the war finished the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION was formed so that there should not be any world war again in the future. after all this, the US started a very positive living. They are technically strong and developed now and is having a democratic government. Although the US faced many problems like attack of 9/11 however the country and its people didn’t lose hope and its unity remained the same.


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