Importance of Vote – Essay on Vote

Why Should We Vote ? Importance of Vote

Democracy is the practice of voting for the candidate we dislike least, said one.

Democracy is the practice of choosing our own dictator, said another.

Do you see what is common between the two statements? The act of choosing by voting. And this is what underlies all debates about voting and its effectiveness: the right and ability to choose. If you do not vote, you forgo this right, it is as simple as that.

Importance of Vote - Essay on Vote

Importance of Vote – Essay on Vote

People down the ages have fought for the right to vote. Even today, people give up their lives for the sake of democracy.  If you think voting does not make a difference, look at North Korea.

But if North Korea’s very image does not make you run to the voting booth this very minute, let’s list down some more reasons why we should vote.

You Choose Your Policies

When you vote, you play a role in shaping a country’s future. You are basically being given full reign of who should run the country, and, by extension, how the country should be run. You have complete power to decide what policies should be implemented and how the people will be treated.

Keep Leaders In Check

Voting is the only system that keeps a democracy maintain its essence. There is a lot of power vested in a country’s government, and unless the chance of being outvoted in the next election had not been there, nothing would stop some of the members of the Cabinet from turning into tyrants.

It is only your vote, which you may easily pass on to another candidate, that keeps the lawmakers from passing bills that would be of their sole benefit and detrimental to the community.

Choose What Is Best/Better

When you vote, you show your approval of the policies and achievements of a political party over others. Do you think none of the parties are worth voting for? Think again. One of the candidates might have some advantage over the others. Maybe one of them implemented measures that led o greater general good than the other one.

Maybe one has actually delivered on its promises so far, to some extent at least, while the other has never made a move.

No Voting = Anarchy/Tyranny

We should vote because the alternative is too dire to think of. Earlier, we talked about North Korea. Think of how the people live there with no civil or political liberties; how their spines and spirits have been crushed by an oppressive government that the people cannot even rebel.

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Think of Somalia where there is no government. Think of failed states that are embroiled in a civil war because the people could not, or did not, usher in a stable government. No democracy means either anarchy or totalitarianism, and both vie for top rank in evilness.

It’s Your Money

We should vote for purely selfish reasons. We are the taxpayers, and it is our money that goes into implementing policies, building infrastructure, and maintaining the members of the Parliament. Do we really want our hard earned money to fall into the wrong hands?

Do we want to pay any more than we need to? It is possible for us to regulate this to some extent by carefully reviewing the beliefs and activities of the party we will usher into power, and we can instate the desired candidate only by voting.

You Bring Change

The less we vote, the more we lose our chance of criticizing the government and its actions. We might not like what a government is doing, but we do have the chance to change the course of events in the next election by toppling the ruling party and bringing someone else in power.

By being the active voter, we play the most important role in any political system; we become the ones that truly form the government and decide its fate. There is no point in cribbing about a system if you are not willing to do anything to change the system. And if you refrain from voting, the situation will maintain its status quo. You will have to wallow in a situation that is not at all to your liking, and you will have nothing to say about it.

It is important for us to take an active interest in politics and be the harbinger of change. If the situation has remained the same for a very long time, it may be because it is good enough for the people, or because the people are too apathetic to make any change.

It is not our right, but our duty to vote and represent our people in the elections. And we should vote for this reason, to make sure that our voices are being heard on a bigger platform.

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